Cynthia Ozick’s “The Shawl” Essay

1 ) Describe how Ozick presents the scene. Why do you non have a clear image of how things look? Why does Ozick show the inside informations as she does?
The narrative begins with three people walking along a route. a female parent keeping her infant kid. and a little kid walking along side her. From Ozick’s description of both the female parent. Rosa. and the immature kid walking beside her. Stella. the reader rapidly learns that their journey has been unkind. go forthing them lame and hungry. Ozick explains that Rosa can “no longer feel hungriness. ” and describes Stella’s emaciated status by comparing her castanetss to “chicken castanetss. ” In the 2nd paragraph is the reader given a sense of the fortunes environing the characters when Ozick describes the baby’s hair as. “smooth feathers…nearly every bit xanthous as the Star sewn on Rosa’s coat. ”

By excluding certain inside informations in the narrative. Ozick creates a sense of uncertainness for the reader. One possible ground for this attack is to convey the uncertainness experienced by Rosa and Stella as to what awaited them at the terminal of their decease March. 2 ) In paragraph 15. what is on the other side of the fencing? Explain Ozick’s description here. Why does Ozick include these inside informations so near the the story’s terminal? Just beyond the fencing lies a calm hayfield “speckled with blowballs and deep-colored violets. ” Ozick is contrasting the beauty of the hayfield with the inhuman treatment that Rosa and 1000000s of others suffered from the custodies of the Nazi’s.

3 ) What character is the centre of involvement in “The Shawl? ” Why is she being treated as she is? What are her feelings of the conditions and fortunes around her? What are her responses to her hungriness and want?

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The narrative centres around Rosa. a female parent seeking to care for her infant kid while imprisoned in a concentration cantonment. Rosa. although hungering herself. gives what small nutrient she receives to her babe. Magda.

4 ) Explain the map of the more unpleasant and barbarous inside informations. What do you necessitate to cognize about the fortunes of the narrative to react to these inside informations? The ferociousness of Magda’s decease high spots the mindless inhumaneness of the actions perpetuated by one human being against another.