Defending Mersult Essay

What is justness? Is it when a person’s death makes society experience better? Or is it when a fishy gets acquitted of all charges brought against him? Wherever there is justness there is obscureness. No affair how it is looked at. there is no existent justness in the judicial system. In Albert Camus “The Stranger” the storyteller. Meursault. is being trialed for the slaying of a adult male he encounters at the beach. At his test. the prosecuting officer makes much of Meursault’s demeanour and the prosecuting officer focuses on irrelevant information like Meursault’s failure to properly show heartache at his ain mother’s recent funeral. The prosecuting officer based the test on events which had taken topographic point prior to the slaying.

Even though. his points did non hold the connexion with the slaying which the prosecution maintained. Therefore. the prosecuting officer created an unjust test. by non giving Meursalt equal clip to talk in his ain defence. conveying up irrelevant state of affairss such as his relationship with his female parent and his beliefs. Meursault was non given the opportunity to support himself because of inquiries from the prosecuting officer and deficiency of cognition of his attorney. The instance was instead built upon his deficiency of feelings towards his mother’s decease and his pick non to believe in God.

Typically. throughout a test. the suspect is given clip on the informant base to plea artlessness. and explicate why he committed the offense. Meursault. nevertheless. stood before the justice and was asked yes or no inquiries. This left him with small or no clip to plead his instance. Before he could state anything else. he was back on his manner to the gaol. Meursault said. “I didn’t even have clip to believe. I was taken out. set into the new wave. and driven to prison…” ( Camus88 ) . At first he did non cognize what was traveling on. but knew he wanted to state something.

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Then every clip he would seek to state something. his attorney would merely state “Just maintain quiet- it won’t make your instance any good” ( Camus98 ) . Meursault’s attorney would non allow him state anything. and this bothered Meursault. Every now and so. during the test. Meursault would hold the impulse to stand up and shout in his caput. ” Wait a minute! Who’s the accused here? Bing the accused counts for something. And I have something to say’ “ ( Camus ; 98 ) . This made Meursault experience alienated from the test that was traveling to find the remainder of his life.

The prosecuting officer had involved his personal feelings about Meursaults beliefs into the instance. which was decidedly non needed. The prosecuting officer had repeatedly asked Meursault about his belief in God. and finally got agitated because Meursault did non believe in God. “…drawing himself up to his full tallness and inquiring me if I believed in God. I said no. ‘Do you desire my life to be meaningless? ’ he shouted” ( Camus ; 69 ) . The prosecuting officer had perfectly no right to convey personal feelings about Meursalt into the instance.

He clearly was huffy and annoyed. because Meursault did non believe in God. The prosecuting officer was offended at the fact that. he had no belief. because of this he began to mock Meursault. “That’s all for today. Monsieur Meursalt” ( Camus ; 71 ) . As a prosecuting officer you are at that place to make your occupation. and non to construct relationships or hatred for people. However the prosecuting officer had allowed Meursaults positions to order the result of the test. The prosecuting officer went about the whole test. inquiring Meursault. his familiarities and besides his friend’s personal inquiries about his relationships with people.

The prosecuting officer focused chiefly on the irreverent events that had happened prior to the test. The prosecuting officer focused on his reaction to his mother’s decease and relationship with her. First. Meursault is a human being with a deficiency of emotions. Possibly most of the people will acquire freaked out or believe that he is a monster. but he really isn’t. For illustration. he loves his female parent and attention for his girlfriend Marie. but he merely doesn’t have the strong emotions for them. He doesn’t call on his mother’s funeral. he thinks get marrieding another miss will be the same. However Meursault life style is apathetic. it’s rather difficult for him to demo emotions. on the other manus. because of this Meursault should non be justice. Nonetheless the prosecuting officer somehow found his relationship. with his loved 1s to be relevant to the instance. when it was non.

“He asked me why I had put Maman in the place. I answered I didn’t haven’t money to hold her looked after and cared for” ( Camus ; 88 ) . As one may see. the prosecuting officer had personalized the instance by inquiring him why he had put his female parent in a place. Meursault inability to care for his female parent was irreverent. nevertheless because the prosecuting officer may hold feel that Meursault is “monster” for seting his female parent in a place. he wanted everyone else to hold the same position.

The instance had end up concentrating on the relationship his female parent and how bad of a boy he was to her. instead than the violent death of the Arab. The prosecuting officer had brought the manager in to informants. teasing the manager with unneeded inquiries about the relationship. “He had asked whether Maman of all time complained about me…To another inquiry he replied that he had been surprised by my unagitated the twenty-four hours of the funeral” ( Camus89 ) . As it is shown the prosecuting officer was more interested by Meursault deficiency of emotions and life style. Throughout the whole test the prosecuting officer was more so seeking to turn out everyone that Meursault was a bad boy and ego centered individual.

In decision the judicial system may decidedly be corrupted at times and continue unjust sentences. Merely as Meursaults test which was based on emotions of the prosecuting officer instead than the facts of the twenty-four hours of the violent death. The prosecuting officer relied on events prior to that twenty-four hours. which were perfectly non important to the opinion. Meursault’s relationship with his female parent and how he had decided to continue with his life had no connexion to the test. The prosecuting officer had besides non given Meursault an ample sum of clip to reply or fix for is inquiries. it happened all so fast for Meursault. As a consequence. he created an unjust test and unrelated points against Meursault. All in all the reading of these events. provided by the prosecution was mostly baseless.