Demand Letter for Medical Records Essay

Medical Demand Letter PA330 – Medical Records Review and Summary Devon Mosbach Kaplan University September 23, 2012 The Law Offices of Hancock and Mosbach, LLC. The Law Offices of Hancock and Mosbach, LLC. Ralph Walters, Esq. Law Firm of Walters and Moss, LLC. 4567 East Roosevelt Way Phoenix, Arizona 86354 RE: Dr. Aaron Patrick St. Vincent’s Medical Center I am writing to you in regards to A. R. S. §12-2501, which deals specifically with the Uniform Contribution Among Joint Tortfeasors Act.

As part of this statue, I am writing to request relief for my client. On October 3, 1995, Mary Smith was involved in a motor vehicle accident at 13:51 on the corner of Maefair Court and Reservoir Avenue. At 14:15, Mary Smith arrived at St. Vincent’s Medical Center where she was admitted into the Emergency Department upon arrival. Upon arrival, Dr. Aaron Patrick became Mary Smith’s physician. With the first examination, Mary Smith was complaining of chest pain as well as right ankle pain. Due to Mary Smith’s history with cardiac issues, Dr.

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Aaron Patrick ordered a full cardiac work up to rule out a cardiac contusion. However, Dr. Aaron Patrick did not order an ankle x-ray to view the extent of Mary Smith’s ankle injury. Also, Dr. Aaron Patrick did not order pain medications for Mary Smith, even though it was communicated from Mary Smith to Dr. Aaron Patrick that she was in pain and in need of pain medication assistance. As a result of Dr. Aaron Patrick’s slow response time in ordering x-rays and pain medications for Mary Smith, Mary Smith continued the next nine days at St.

Vincent’s Medical Center without treatment to her ankle fracture as well irregular heart monitor results due to the extreme pain that she was in. Also, Mary Smith developed an infection around her right ankle area that caused her extreme pain and emotional distress. The start and spread of the infection was also the result of Dr. Aaron Patrick’s delayed response to Mary Smith’s treatment. Our firm has been acquired by Mary Smith to investigate the claim. Our firm believes that the act(s) listed above are unlawful according to A.

R. S. §12-2501. Our firm also believes that Dr. Aaron Patrick is in fact “… responsible for paying the plaintiff’s damages among all those responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries…” As a result of the negligence on behalf of Dr. Aaron Patrick, Mary Smith has endured both monetary and emotional distress and loss. The total amount of monetary distress that Mary Smith has acquired is as follows: Total Amount of Medical Debt: $10, 751. 00 As such, I am requesting a payment in this exact amount ($10,751. 0) to be payable to Mary Smith. This amount received will allow Mary Smith to pay her medical debt that was acquired as a result of Dr. Aaron Patrick’s negligence. I am requesting a response to this letter within 10 (ten) days upon receipt. Without a response to this letter, our firm will proceed with legal action. Our firm is prepared to proceed at this time with legal action, with or without receiving your response. Sincerely, Devon Mosbach, Esq. For the Firm