Dependency dependence entails restrictions, laws, treaties, international

Dependency theory which based on the dependency of
third world countries to capitalist countries, which deprives them of the
exercise of sovereignty over their territories and of sustainable development,
which concerns independent capital development only, and this dependence
entails restrictions, laws, treaties, international conditions and historical
situations, subsequent evidence of unequal exchange between third world
countries and capitalist countries, the concept of dependency emerged to
explain the backwardness in Latin America, and soon spread to the rest of the
world, although there have been many concept of dependency like globalization,
the global market, multinational corporations, technological revolution and
others, and this led to the loss of it is national identity, and linking them
to major countries such as America, Britain and France.

Dependence with the emergence of the capitalist system
and it is penetration into third world countries and plundering of it is
resources through colonialism or occupation, and the installation of internal
forces serving the interests of the capitalist penetration of external forces,
so these interest have many aspects, such as the accumulation of debt to the
third world countries, forcing them to open their markets to the imports of
capitalist countries, control of investment policy, low average income per
capita and impose export trends, so the neoliberal discourse calls for
submission to the market, with a view to achieving social progress by subordinating
workers and people to the logic of the market, thus emptying the content of social
progress and deepening inequality among nation, therefore dependency As for the
influence of dependence on the Arab system, capitalism has produced an
individual who is steeped in western ideas that reflected his ideas, behavior
and appearance, because each country has become the internal power(the Cambrian
bourgeoisie) represented by the capitalist forces, oblivious to the common Arab
interest, conflict among us led to the destruction of Arab identity, the influx
of sectarian strife between peoples, and their resort to the establishment of
regional organization.

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Modernization means development related progress, it
is an intentional culture change with an estimate of it is costs, means and
outcomes. Consequently the Modernization theory is primarily concerned with
achieving rapid economic growth, assuming that all countries of the world are
subject to a single approach with specific stages, the foundations divide societies
into advanced and backward, so the formulation of modernization theory depends
on the historical and culture context of capitalist societies, so the
importance of modernization theory as tool for reducing the degree of
underdevelopment and access of societies to progress has been recognized, the
imbalance is either in terms of specific characteristic of society or structural
and organizational characteristics (Alissa, juhaita.1979).                  

One of the most famous theories of modernization is
Rostow’s theory, which is a set of economic stages for development and developed
countries, namely; the stage of traditional society, the preconditions for take
off, the take off, the drive to maturity, the age of high mass consumption.

The school of Dependency rejected the ideas of
modernization school in terms of the difficulty of applying on innovation
approach to countries that underwent different historical and cultural
contexts, and the lack of modernization in poor countries because the plans and
strategies for modernization are subject to conditions of the west and their
interests before the interests of poor country , which are usually associated
with political variables.

After defining both the theory of dependence and the
theory of modernization, we must determine which theory is suitable for
development in Palestine, although Palestine is a special case in the world,
because it suffers from the colonization of the complex: Zionist and western,
in addition to the Palestinian Authority, which represents the internal forces
to preserve the colonial entity.

In my personal opinion, each country has it is own
conditions , historical and culture context that distinguishes it from the rest
of the countries, thus, it distinguishes its policies and ideas, so each
country has a specific plan and strategy that takes into account it is
circumstances and capabilities. For Palestine it is a special case that
prevents the possibility of applying one of these theories, because of
development projects and funds that flow into Palestine are mostly humanitarian
aid that seeks to preserve the Zionist project under the name of the peace

The development
process in Palestine has been and continues to be subject to many difficulties
that prevent it is continuity due to the direct intervention of the Israeli
occupation authorities, regardless of non-comprehensive development processes,
accordingly, Palestinian development is taking place in several steps, no
development before them, through the elimination of the occupation, the
Palestinians gained their right to self determination, and their right to
control their borders and crossings, enact laws and legislation that encourage investment
, so the Israeli occupation is an obstacle to the development of Palestine
because of it is domination and control of the Palestinian economy, the
destruction of infrastructure, the seizure of land and the imposition of
restrictions on banks operating in Palestine