Depression Answer Sheet Essay

1a. Mention to the DSM-IV checklist and list all symptoms that Ellen has that match the standards for major depressive episode. Which of Ellen’s symptoms run into any of the standards? ( Be certain to fit specific symptoms with specific criteria. ) DSM standards # 1 depressed temper most of the twenty-four hours. Correlating Behaviors v Ellen has reported that she had been distracted for portion of the twenty-four hours. but rapidly returned to her depressive province. DSM standards # 2. disminished intrest or pleasance for most of the twenty-four hours. Correlating behaviours. Ellen was back to believing about self-destruction and her feelings of depression. DSM standards # 7 feelings of worthless cape and guilt. Correlating behaviours. Ellen reported that her female parent had died and that she should hold been at that place. even thought she was 800 stat mis off. DSM standards # 8 decreased ability to believe or concentraite.

Correlating behaviour. Ellen had went through 4 different issues at one clip none of which where thought through to do sense or was logical. DSM standards # 9. reacuring ideas of decease and sucide and doing a program. Correlating behaviours. Hellen had prepared a program to acquire a new gun to better her purpose and how she was traveling to compose a note for her ex-boyfriend and slaying herself at the school. Besides in harmonizing to DSM Cruteria Ellens appitite is really limited as good. 1b. Can Ellen be said to be enduring from a major depressive upset? Yes. I do believe that Ellen is enduring from a major depressive upset. 1c. Explain and support your diagnosings or deficiency thereof.

Helen has met 6 DSM standards for that upset. and clearly had a program to take action. along with holding a hapless appatiate and feeling depressed. 2. Where does Ellen tantrum with Shneidman’s taxonomy of people who deliberately end their lives? Ellen does suit into the axial rotation of Shneidmans taxonomy. Ellen seems to belive that her decease will be some kind of manner to go “even” with her ex-boyfriend. She has merely been fixated with revenage. This is planned to the point that she would do certain she shot herself in an country near to him so that he can be present. along with a missive. 3. What factors are present that may trip a suicide effort by Ellen?

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1. Ellen had depressive upset along with another mental upset. from her eating upset.
2. Ellen has suicude ideation. talk and readying.
3. Lethal methods. as Ellen plans on utilizing a gun.
4. Isolation. populating entirely. loss of support. Ellen reported that she does non hold any close friends for support.
5. Marital jobs. household pathology. Ellen has reported that she had gotten pregant immature and so married an older adult male. in hope he would be a supplier. This matrimony did non last.
6. Stress and nerve-racking events. Ellen’s female parent has passed off and her former fellow had confessed that he was in love with one of his studnets. 7. Physical unwellness. as Ellen is non eatting good right now and has struggled with desiring to be really little.

Explaining Ellen’s Depression and Suicidality
1. What familial factors might play a function in Ellen’s depression? Ellen’s male parent was a alcoholic. and besides struggled with some mental unwellness. 2. What biochemical factors might play a function in Ellen’s depression? The complexness in the change that Ellen has expernenced with her events of depression presently and besides in the yesteryear. that appeared to be untreated. Ellens 5-hydroxytryptamine besides may be bring forthing at low degrees that are maintaining her from acquiring out of the depression. 3a. What would a psychodynamic theoretician say about the beginnings of Ellen’s depression? They would desire to associate it to her kid goon experiences. Such as the issues with her male parents imbibing and being neglated as a kid. holding to clean and cook for the household.

4. How might Freud’s construct of symbolic or imagined loss aid explicate Ellen’s depression? It might demo Ellens feelings of losing her mother’s and father’s decease. Ellen besides has a loss for her older sister as good. 5. What grounds is at that place that Ellen is prosecuting in the cognitive three and automatic ideas? Ellen tends to be more on the the selfish side. and alternatively of believing things through she responds to the first ideas that she is sing. Ellen is under the false assumation that if she does travel through with the sucide. she will come out on top and will hold revenage. There is no idea about any consequence this will hold on her girl or anyone else that could be involved for that affair. 6. How might the endocrine theory aid explicate Ellen’s depression? Ellen is in her 40’s. but with her boughts of depression her neurological system could be holding issues trigging through-out her organic structure.

Besides with Ellens eating upset her organic structure fat is highly low. aslos which would be set uping her endocrine production. 7. How would the organic structure dissatisfaction account lend to understanding Ellen’s depression? Ellen has shared that she has ever struggled with her weight. and has strived to stay thin. 8. With respect to Ellen’s want to perpetrate self-destruction. which of Durkheim’s classs does Ellen belong and why? Ellen has non had a really close relationship with any of her household members. with the exclusion to one of her siblings when she was a kid. Ellen has lost 2 parents that prior to decease was non supportive of Ellen and her educational ends. and advancement. Ellen besides had been force to go to church and had a distane for that. Ellen besides had walked out on her girl and hubby when her kid was 10 old ages of age. Ellen reporte that she has a better relationship with her now. Ellen is missing much societal support. in which she would outdo tantrum. antomic self-destruction. as her environment was non good to her development in doing healthy. good and permanent relationships.

Treating Ellen
1. Explain how a psychodynamic healer would handle Ellen for her depression and self-destructive inclinations. I would believe that first they would desire to turn to the arrested development on Ellens odsession for revenage. As Ellen was get downing or at least lasting on some kind of advaptive accomplishments prior to the male child friend and female parent go throughing off. It would believed that they would necessitate to turn to the deceases and besides Ellens feelings of self-hatred. “Freud believed the depressive so develops feelings of self-hatred” ( Comer. 1992 ) . 2. Explain how a behavioural healer would handle Ellen for her depression and self-destructive inclinations. Ellen would necessitate her ideas to be challenged. Ellen seems to belief that her negative actions will ensue in positive wagess. Ellens healer would reexamine her conditioning position to get the better of this deformed manner of thought and moving. 3. Explain how a cognitive healer would handle Ellen for her depression and self-destructive inclinations. A cognitive healer would be much more ambitious. They would desire to dispute the manner that Ellen thinks such as her programs for revenage as sucicide.

This would be hopeful that Ellen would be kinder to non merely her ego but besides to others that have non been an adiquite demand for support or friendship/relationship. 4. Explain how an interpersonal healer would handle Ellen for her depression and self-destructive inclinations. Ellen would necessitate to work through all of her negative and unfulfilling countries in life. Steming back to when she was “stuck as the in-between child” and truly wanted and need the excess attending turning up. Ellen would besides necessitate to reexamine her function as a parent her ego for the manner that she had treated her ain girl. Ellen appears to be lost. and is desiring to happen a male to convey her significance in her life for balance. Ellen would be challenged to develop a new life program. or end for herself. 5. Explain what biological intervention might be appropriate for Ellen. Ellen was unfastened about talking with a healer. because she had wanted to speak to person so much every bit lonely as she is. Ellen could get down with interaction with this biological healer and they could assist promote Ellen to rethink mediciatons. and educate her on the benefits. as Ellens besides appears to hold a co-disorder every bit good.