Developing A Mobile Application For Kingston Library Computer Science Essay

As portion of my class, I will be developing a nomadic application for Kingston University Library for my thesis. The application will be designed for Android devices. I chose Android platform because it is distributed under unfastened beginning license and going enormously popular. Besides Android app developer can take advantage of the nomadic hardware design and can sell the app easy in Android market. The chief users of my application will be pupils where they can entree the system by login utilizing their Idaho and watchword. My application will hold a library catalogue hunt characteristic which will return a brief drumhead, book inside informations and handiness for each entry. The application will besides include basic information about all libraries, such as locations, opening times, contact inside informations etc. Accessing the on-line resources and Epay are presently non included in the demands but which can be implemented if clip permits or at a ulterior phase.

As the codification will be written in Java, JDK from Sun has to be installed on the system. I will be utilizing Eclipse IDE to develop the application. Android developer web site offers all the counsel and needed tools needed to develop an Android app which will be highly good for me as I am wholly new to nomadic application development. The initial phases in undertaking development will include SWOT analysis, Use Case diagrams, demands specification, and UML diagrams.

A undertaking program and a hazard analysis has been devised for the smooth running of the undertaking by taking into consideration of the changing demands of each stage.

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Introduction and Background

Mobile devices have evolved significantly during the last decennary doing it a necessity in mundane life. They are now more than merely a agency to do a phone conversation. The smart phones cater for all sorts of users whether they want to make concern or merely to hold merriment. This created a roar in nomadic package applications ranges from simple games to complex navigational systems. There are apps suited for every client doing them a must hold to do life a batch easier in today & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s busy life style.

The most popular Smartphones in the current industry are Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian. I have chosen Android platform by Open Handset Alliance to develop my application because it is unfastened beginning and its members such as Google, HTC and T-mobile offers extensive developer support through its developer web site. Harmonizing to market research Android phones are set to increase their current market portion of 9 % to 30 % by 2014.

As the Android market offers an on-line application shop to download both paid and free apps for its clients it is easier to entree a assortment of Android apps.

I will be developing an Android application for Kingston University Library System that will enable the pupils to entree the library history to login, hunt books, renew books and entree library hours, location and contact information. My initial attack will be to concentrate on Android platform but if possible I would develop this app compatible with other platforms as good.

Some establishments such as Cambridge University have their library app already implemented. So this will be a first measure towards holding a nomadic library application for Kingston University. I will be looking into other administrations & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ mobile library applications every bit good to give me an penetration into the field.

The major stakeholders of this application will be I and pupils of Kingston University but possibly in the hereafter this larning experience will enable me to develop apps for other establishments or make a cosmopolitan library system by join forcesing with other establishments.

Purposes and Aims

The chief purpose of the undertaking will be to plan and present a nomadic application for the Kingston University Library on clip. During this procedure I can larn about the latest tendencies and engineerings available in the market so that after the completion of my class I can either procure a occupation in the nomadic app development or work as a free-lance app developer.

This undertaking will enable be to implement the accomplishments I have learned so far during the class and widen my cognition about nomadic application development tools and techniques. I am trusting to bring forth a professional and effectual library app for Kingston University.

I will take this learning experience as an chance to research the latest criterions and attacks towards developing effectual Mobile applications. I am be aftering to implement excess functionalities that are non already available in other nomadic apps such as adding recognition to library card, though the security in nomadic devices is questionable.

Technologies and Resources

Android package comes with an operating system, a middleware and cardinal applications. It is a multi user Linux system in which each application is treated as a different user. The platform uses Java programming linguistic communication. Android 2.3 is the latest version of Android runing system for Smartphone which will be used in developing my application.

Android Architecture

Following are the major development tools required:

Sun & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s Java Development Kit

Eclipse IDE

Android Software Development Kit

The Android Developer tool ( ADT ) Plug-in for Eclipse

The Android copycat can be used to debug applications but latest Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy S || which uses Android 2.3 can be used to run the application in a existent clip environment.

Kingston University & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s current library system uses Aquabrowser by Serial Solutions which has a user friendly interface and a characteristic rich environment. It will be a challenge to implement all the characteristics of Aquabrowser for a nomadic device. So at this point I am concentrating on the basic library operations.

During the undertaking analysis stage, SWOT analysis will be executed to acquire a better apprehension of the industry. A demands analysis will be carried out to stipulate the functional and non-functional demands. UML diagram is besides really utile in plotting the activity and sequence diagrams so is the Use Case analysis. I will be following Agile package development attack to put to death my undertaking which involves loops that are of short clip frames.

Undertaking Planing

A undertaking program has been developed utilizing Gantt chart by interrupting the undertaking in to little manageable procedures for the smooth operation. The continuance allocated for each stairss reflect the attempt and accomplishments needed, apportioning maximal continuance for execution.

Project Management – Gantt Chart


Start Date


End Date

Undertaking Proposal












Interim Report




Poster Presentation




















Risk Assessment and Evaluation

The major hazards involved in this procedure that will do the undertaking to fall behind agenda will be deficiency of development cognition, hardware failure, and demands alterations.

I have developed an action program to understate these hazards and any unanticipated fortunes non to impact the undertaking deadline.



Requirements alterations

Update the demands and go on

Conflict in demands

Update the demands and go on

Hardware failure

Always back up, Locate options

Rivals new releases

Propose something different

Defects in agenda

Edit and update the agenda

Laging behind agenda

Always maintain a diary to observe activities

Poor productiveness

Update accomplishments and apportion more clip