Developing Web Applications Using Java Computer Science Essay

The chief aim of this undertaking is to develop the web application utilizing Java which gives the entree to the users by curtailing them utilizing the user_id and watchword. The chief end of this application is to demo the successful consequence for the user where one can able to entree the database utilizing the client actions. The 2nd end is recovering the information utilizing XML parsing technique where the information is to be show utilizing XML file gathered harmonizing to the client demands which where pre define in xls files.

As the application is web based application, to develop this application I had selected object oriented programming linguistic communication based on JAVA at the same clip I used progress Java scheduling i.e. J2EE and for developing the client side application I used JSP, Java Server Page is the scheduling linguistic communication which supports to develop the server side application. As this application is web application where database besides plays chief axial rotation, so that I used My-SQL for making the information tabular arraies, My-SQL is the database package which is used to make database easy utilizing simple questions. The package utilizing is belongs to the Oracle Sun Software Solutions which wo n’t back up to run on Microsoft oriented runing systems to work out this job TOMCAT is serve which can be helped to run the application on web browser.

The lower limit hardware used to run this application is Windows Operating System, 128Mb RAM and Hardware infinite require is 8 GB.

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Software analysis:

The package selected for planing this application is Java, this is because of package portability, cost, its object oriented belongingss makes strong foundation to do the web site secure and user compatibility. We know that in Java everything is define in signifier of categories and objects, where as to distinguish the object and categories are as follows in Class first missive must be the capital where as for object category there will be no limitation. The plans written utilizing this linguistic communication can be run in any platform ; this is done by the JVM which converts the plan into byte codification and make the category file which will be used for executing intent. This is the beauty of this linguistic communication which is besides known as platform independency.

The application which I developed is server side so that I designed this utilizing Java Server Page ( JSP ) to run these applications in JDK we have to add the serverlet category to the Java library and we must turn to this in category variables to run on JSP pages on client waiter.

The application architecture is three Sur so database besides plays chief axial rotation, for this My-Sql database designee is used. Using this package it is easy to make the database.

Solution analysis:

The chief aim of this undertaking is making the login page for user and garnering the information in XML file from the database with aid of JSP/Java Bean maps where as the retrieved informations before directing back to the client suitably transformed by pre-written xsl files.

Software design:

For planing this package I followed following stairss, in first measure i recognise the jobs in the brief at that place after I gone through the job work outing with proper package solution. For this undertaking i found the jobs are making the entree for user, informations recovering harmonizing to the client petition and the garnering the information utilizing XML parching.

To work out this job I have created Login Page for curtailing the unauthorized clients, one time the client acquire entree to the site he/she enters his login inside informations hear the back terminal confirmation done, i.e. one time client submit the login signifier by come ining login_id and watchword and snap the submit button so at backend the entered login_id and watchword is compared with Login tabular array in music library database if the arrow founds the same login_id and watchword so login page is redirected to music library place page i.e. success login, if the enter informations in login page is does n’t fit in database so applet message sends says “ enter right logi_id and watchword. In same page some security steps besides taken like login page must non airt to following page when any of the field is clean or beyond the twine bound when it happens error message must bring forth and same page must look once more.

Once user logins into the site successfully so it redirect to the music library place page where the user can seek the point that he/she want thereafter costumier filters the points that he desire and subject the petition in the web site. Harmonizing to the client request the points will be dispatched on the new page, listener this XML plays chief axial rotation because the Music library database is huge and in by and large manner costumier ca n’t acquire full inside informations in by and large manner, so XML parching is used, in this method information is retrieved from database that client selected and this information is decoded to XML file. To make this Java Beans is used.


This is data flow of the undertaking describes how the database and the entities are related with each other to for the complete database


Login usage instance diagram:

This diagram explains how the client interact with the application, in UseCase Diagram-1 shows hoe the client interact with login page where as in 2nd UseCaseDiagram explains one time the client successfully login the site so hoe the client selects the inside informations to recover from database and in concluding UseCaseDiagram gives shows the inside informations that client retrieved from the database.

Activity Diagram:

This is the diagram which is the portion of uml diagram which explains the whole application diagrammatically by stepwise and actions take topographic point throughout the flow. In this application foremost activity is shoping the file at that place after using the username and watchword, hear signal is send by the waiter to database cheque, if this base on balls so application redirect to welcome.htm page if false the application backtrack to login.htm page itself. In welcome page client petition informations by come ining or by choosing and informations is retrieved from database harmonizing to the client petition.

Software Navigation:

In this subdivision I will demo the complete pilotage flow of this application to see the information objects for client selected first hem must acquire entree permission from the decision maker to make this client must subject his inside informations in the signifier of new user signifier in which client ask to provide his ain username and watchword which helps to acquire entree for this site, on the registry so client can login into this site. And moves to the place page where client can choose the points that he desire by rubric at that place after a study is generated for his choice, to make this XML parching is used. The whole application runs successful. Once user completes his hunt so the user will logout from the site successfully.

Login Page:

Customer Home Page:

Customer Requested Result Page:

Testing and rating of merchandise:

Software testing is the concluding phase of the package development life rhythm, proving the package by and large follows chief regulations i.e. whether the package is comparable to the hardware or non, how the package developed is user synergistic, pilotage from the screen to screen. To prove the application I developed I used manually test procedure in which the application I developed satisfies all the above regulations. To prove the package which I developed I had done by and large test by come ining the username different to the username in the database so I submit the signifier the consequence is positive i.e. give mistake message stating that user does n’t be. In the same manner I done manually prove on each and every screen for each trial the consequence is positive.