Discussion Implications And Recommendation Tourism Essay

It is indispensable for research worker to understand the importance of favorite local culinary art in Bidor for tourer attractive force in Perak. In order to grok how tourist perceived on Bidor as finish image, the research worker must suggest several activities to pull and fulfill their demands which it can lend a good advantage in Perak

The findings of this survey revealed that the bulk of the tourer positively recognised that besides devouring nutrient and exploring civilizations, Bidor offers a great assortment of local culinary art and fruits, handily located to highway, centrepoint halt from beach resorts, upland resorts and hot springs resort and besides local attractive force to pull the tourer. Therefore, it is clearly shown that these local culinary arts can be used as add-on to other touristry activities as booster to hike the local economic system. However, the tourer perceived Bidor as remainder halt for resting or banqueting on local culinary art eating house, non because of its celebrated local culinary art. Mostly of the tourer visit Bidor for vacation and concern intents. Hence, the respondents who answered this questionnaire were retiree and man of affairs. Likewise, the respondents often visit Bidor normally come from Selangor and Perak. This is does do sense that Bidor is located between Selangor and Perak.

5.2 Discussion

Based on research findings in old chapter, the first hypothesis found that there is no important relationship on favorite local culinary arts for tourer attractive force in Bidor advancing local merchandises as one of chief attractive force in Perak touristry industry. Besides, on 2nd hypothesis besides revealed that there is the important relationship between Bidor ‘s nutrient image and its influence tourer an purpose to revisit. This determination was supported by Baloglu and McClearly ( 1999 ) found the finish image was positively influenced trial purpose. Therefore, the image of Bidor local culinary art had a positive relationship with an purpose to revisit. Additionally, the tourers visited Bidor non merely to banqueting their favorite local culinary art eating house but besides for refreshment. Hjalager & A ; Richard ( 2002 ) noted that the nutrient can be perceived as a tourer attractive force to the topographic point they visited. Therefore, celebrated local culinary art in Bidor was seen as one of chief attractive forces for Perak nutrient touristry.

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Furthermore, the image of Bidor local culinary art in tourer ‘s perceptual experience categorised their favorite local culinary art. By analyzing each point, it showed that Bidor local culinary art is celebrated for Pun Duck Noodles, followed by Pun Chun Wu Kok ( yam whiff ) , seedless Psidium littorale, durions and petais. Besides that, the tourer besides identified seven factors that make Bidor a tourer attractive force as finish images. The tourer considered Bidor as finish images for alone nutrient, well-known local nutrient, and gustatory sensation of local fruit, freshness, nutrient presentation, handiness convenience and value for money.

5.2 Deduction

Although the consequences underlined a sort of important findings, there were besides several restrictions that the research worker stumbles upon during the research procedure. First, the bulk of respondents who take portion in this survey were local tourers whom were utilizing this route to this town for remainder halt. However, merely small engagement was acquired from the tourers because they showed no cognition toward image of Bidor celebrated culinary art. The ground to the fact is that some respondents were largely student whom visited Bidor one time ; they may non hold aware of this celebrated culinary art if compared with retired person and man of affairs whom visited Bidor often and recognised these celebrated culinary arts.

Next, the 2nd deduction is related to the location of informations aggregation. The information aggregation was collected by convenience sampling because the consequences can non be generalised to the whole population. As the consequence, merely 50 samples were documented. If the research worker had sufficient resources, the extra research should be engaged in all local eating houses, including cafe and street stall to get more informations. Once once more, despite due to the clip restraint, Bidor and Kampar was chosen for garnering the information from the local tourers. Hence, if there is a demand to spread out this survey into bigger country such as Batang Padang territory, this could be more utile for research findings to understanding on tourer consciousness toward to Bidor ‘s local culinary arts.

5.3 Recommendation

In order to pull the tourers to see Bidor, the concern operator, administrations such as travel bureaus and non-government administration, authorities governments ( Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Art and Heritage and besides Ministry of Rural Development ) who are connected with touristry industry, hence should take the enterprise in advancing these celebrated local culinary arts to the tourer as chief attractive force to draw more tourer to see Bidor.

For the nutrient operators such as local cultural eating house, fruit stall and besides nutrient tribunals largely those who operate their concern at repeated visited by the local tourers should accordingly take this opportunity to advance and offer more assortments of local cultural culinary art and service in high quality, fresh and neatly presented. In add-on, the nutrient operators should see participates with authorities governments by having their celebrated local culinary art in brochure.

Travel bureaus and circuit operators besides should offer more travel bundles, specifically including nutrient trails to the tourers. The current Tourism Minister, Dr Ng Yen Yen recommended that circuit operators include celebrated Malaysia nutrient finishs in travel paths, besides exploring and other activities. She besides stated that nutrient had become important touristry merchandise for Malaysia. ( The Star, 2011 ) This attack besides supported by Kivela and Crotts ( 2006 ) , stated that tonss of international circuit bureaus and circuit operators around the universe have included nutrient touristry as portion of their circuit paths and has positively enticed more international tourers to take portion into those activities. Therefore, this attack has been proven to be successful in selling and at same clip advancing the celebrated culinary arts.

In add-on, the authorities governments such as Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Art and Heritage, Ministry of Agricultural and Ministry of Rural Development should play an of import function in advancing these local culinary arts as they are responsible in touristry activities. The Ministry of Tourism should concentrate on suggesting local culinary arts to the tourer whereby it besides focused on beautiful environment and traditional civilization.

In order to pulling tourers to see Bidor, some promotional schemes are soon carried out. The Tourism Perak had been collaborated with municipal and territory council to establish the brochure such as “ Perak Food Trail ” . This brochure has been launched last month and there are 75 nutrient premises was featured in the brochure and selected based on a few facets, from the degree of hygiene, nutrient quality and the propinquity to tourist musca volitanss. ( The Star, 2011 ) Furthermore, there are tonss of other promotional activities besides have been launched for nutrient touristry events such as Malaysia International Gourmet Festival, Fabulous Food 1Malaysia, ASEAN Heritage Food Trail, to convey many tourers to see nutrients that are represent Malaysia and besides to increases the consciousness of international tourers on local culinary arts. ( Fantastic Malaysia, 2011 )

5.4 Conclusion and Closure

As a decision, the coaction between the nutrient operators, travel bureaus and authorities governments, and other community are indispensable if the touristry experience among the tourers in Perak need to be accomplished. In add-on, a survey of favorite local culinary art in Bidor for tourer attractive forces may necessitate to be furthered in the hereafter.