dutiesSocial Create, organize and manage all published

dutiesSocial media and communications:• Helps actively monitor and analyze all social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.).• Respond to a high level of activity on social networking sites with appropriate answers based on company policy• Sometimes making outgoing calls to track customer requests• Effectively uses the provided tools and analytical skills to determine the next action plan• Monitor and monitor negative positions and respond appropriately• Assess customer problems and provide correct information to solve the problem• Maintain a sense of urgency and a balanced attitude when taking action in response• Continue to receive information on the latest trends in the industry, tools and best practices• Eliminates urgent issues of concern to the social network observer, as appropriateManage marketing campaigns on social networks and daily activities, including:• Develop relevant content themes to reach the target customers of the company.• Create, organize and manage all published content (images, videos and works).• Monitoring, listening and responding to users in a “social” way while growing prospects and sales.• Conduct online propaganda and open a feed for cross-promotion.• Develop and expand the outreach efforts of the community and / or influential people.• Control the design (for example, Facebook framework, profile photo, thumbnails, ads, landing pages, Twitter profile, blog, etc.).• Development, creation and management of advertising campaigns and social advertising campaigns.• Manage online notifications and reputation building efforts.• Monitoring of online reviews and responses to each review.• Analyze key indicators and, if necessary, adjust the strategy.• Compile the reports for management, showing the results.• Become a corporate lawyer in social networks, start a dialogue and answer questions as needed.• Demonstrate the ability to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. Create proven strategies with tests and statistics.• Develop organizational elements for the introduction of a proactive process to receive online feedback from satisfied and loyal customers.• Monitoring trends in tools, applications, channels, design and strategy in social networks.• Continuing education to remain highly effective.• Identify threats and opportunities in user content around the enterprise. Report significant threats to good governance.• Analyze campaigns and translate anecdotal or qualitative data into recommendations and plans for viewing social networks, content marketing, SEO and social advertising campaigns.• Monitoring effective benchmarks (best practices) to measure the impact of campaigns on social networks. Analyze, review and report on campaign performance to maximize results.Customer service:• Respond quickly to customer problems through social networks• Help customers through Face to Face, email and both on the phone and on social networking platforms.• Listen to client requests patiently to solve problems• Maintaining records of customer interactions and transactions, recording information about requests, complaints and comments, as well as the actions taken and the resolution of requests to ensure customer satisfaction.• Daily update / support the newspaper in social networks• Ensure that appropriate changes have been made to resolve customer problems• The ability to maintain knowledge of the product and help educate the client