Empowering Diverse Populations Essay

First. with this article. the use of the term ‘minority groups’ and ‘minority’ was someway in resistance to what the article posited about cultural competency and sensitiveness. Bing a Latino male myself. the writer thinks that these two footings are derogative and add to the ‘debilitating effect’ that the article itself posited. The article mentioned linguistic communication and words which were used to make subjugation within cultural and cultural groups and were being transformed by these groups into footings that afforded them power.

The author thinks that the word ‘minority’ should non be used in mentioning to these groups who are more marginalized and laden. Using a systems point of position. outside systems impose these labels on the alleged ‘minority groups’ who tend to either cull or accept this input harmonizing to their ain demands. However. in authorising diverse populations. the author agrees with the article wherein she had cited Paolo Friere’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed in making one’s on cognition and state of affairs to better understand the state of affairs of a larger whole.

Using autochthonal cognition of a group. single or household. the societal worker will be able to assist them make a higher apprehension of their state of affairs in connexion to the larger society. The article’s focal point on household atomization and disjunction as a consequence of a diversifying society ( Pinderhughes. 1995 ) is merely one consequence of how broad influences and diverse civilizations are impacting the universe. However. concentrating on the micro degree of intercession and simply mentioning policy. establishment and structural alterations in society to get by with the job is non plenty.

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This would connote that the article sees household atomization as a job produced within the household itself in its battle to get by with diverseness and subjugation. That the household or the person is the mark for alteration or intercession seems instead derogatory for the author. A holistic attack must be done. even if a societal worker is focused on household pattern. one must be able to use Generalist Social Work Practice in order to work out the job on all degrees. References Pinderhughes. E. ( 1995 ) . Empowering Divers Populations: Family Practice in the twenty-first Century. Families in Society. 131-140.