‘Entry before. I feel proud of myself

‘Entry is not
important, Exit is important ‘.This
is one of my favourite precepts and is also the motto of the institution where
I am pursuing my undergraduate study and at this point in my life where I am at
the verge of completing my under graduation, my future unfolds in front of me
like a maze; this maxim has never influenced my life more than this before. I
feel proud of myself as just like the motto suggests, it doesn’t matter how I
entered the institution but through these 4 years, I went through many ups and
downs where I fell, I stood up and each time I became a much stronger person
than ever before and apart from the technical knowledge, I have also learned
many important lessons in life. As I stand at the vestibule of completing my
undergraduate study, after carefully weighing the various career options open
to me, I have decided to pursue Masters in Information Systems.

Growing up
surrounded by people who’ve always loved me, I’ve always had positivity all
through my life. I have travelled places, learnt languages and seen different
cultures and also understood the importance of life and the fact that this is a
gift and there is no giving up. When it comes down to my academics I’ve
always balanced it well.
I exhibited great hard work, intelligence, positivity towards education, which
favored in yielding laurels from my teachers in school and stood among the
second place in the final exams of higher secondary education (School of Secondary
Certificate) with 9.5 GPA. Then I opted for
Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my majors in 12’th grade (Board of
Intermediate Education) and have scored an aggregate of 91.2%. My resilience and hard work got me an admission at
‘Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology’ Chennai, India. It was a
privilege for me get into there and pursue my undergraduate degree. My passion
for Computers & Mathematics made me choose the ‘Computer Science’ stream
for the same. The rigorous curriculum provided me with a strong and comprehensive
background in Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Microprocessors,
Object Oriented Programming, Database Management Systems and Software
Engineering. Apart from these, with my personal interest I chose subjects such
as Theory of Computing, Python programming, Bigdata and Data Mining and Data
Warehousing as electives. The related laboratory work developed in me, is an
appreciation for the repertoire of engineering principles and their practical
relevance. I take full responsibility for the grades that I earned early on. I
was more into acquiring technical knowledge being an active contributor to
various organizations. I had the opportunity to
meet new people from different backgrounds and learn in the process by being
appointed for different clubs in the campus. I was quite privileged to work as the Public Relations
Head of ‘IEEE Computer society’ and as the Lead Public speaker of ‘Google
Student Club’. I also got to travel within India for various
technical symposiums and as a result I was not able to attend my University
classes on a regular base. I didn’t realize the effort that it would take to be
successful in the Undergrads. I’ve learned from my mistakes and I have consistently
improved in all aspects. 

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