Especially stylish, pair it with slim-fit denims

Especially when you need to impress a girl
and want to impress her with your style, you will have to be very careful about
each and everything. Appearance is the first thing that’s noticed and it has to
be damn perfect. It’s time to ditch that old look and try some hot and new
ideas for impressing the girl in your life. Have a look at some;

Collared shirts

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This is one thing that has never ever been
out of fashion since years. These open necklines look classy and nice. You can
either opt for plain ones or can opt for printed ones. To look all the more
stylish, pair it with slim-fit denims or a good jacked. This way, your look
will be updated and everyone around will be impressed. These shirts are good
for summers. You can either select linen fabric or can select cotton one,
depending on your comfort level. These shirts will keep you comfortable all
through the day.

Denim jackets

Denim jackets are a must have in your
wardrobe. You can either pair them up with tees or can combine in with shirts.

Ensure that the length of the tee is bigger than that of the jacket. You can
combine them with denims. To add to the style, opt for boots. Retain your
authentic look by buying a dapper jacket; it’s not necessary that you go for
blues only. Even gray or black denim jacket would do wonders. Ensure that you pair
it with a good tee or shirt; if not, the look might get spoiled. White pants
always go good with blue jackets.

Shirt and trousers

This combination is an all-time favorite for
men; whether the temperature is too chilly or whether it’s hot, a good shirt
and jacket will always help you stay cozy and comfortable. If you want to
enhance that look, opt for a good colored tie. If a cool look is what you
desire, then help yourselves with a collared shirt. Talking about the footwear,
loafers will suit the best. What’s more, you can even don a pair of glasses to
get a subtle yet a killing look. For summers, choose whites, light blues or
light pinks. Cool colors are always good for hot weathers.

Velvet blazers

Velvet blazers will always attract attention.

They make men look classy and sexy. Although it’s considered to be “RETRO”, the
look that’s offered after donning one is unmatched. If you wish to experiment
with your looks then pair them with chinos; nothing can look better than this.

Men will get a royal feel and can stay out of the crowd. Leather shoes will go
well. Try using a good quality leather belt too. With retro look, try a modern
hairstyle and balance your personality. These blazers are good for parties.

Tweed sweaters

Tweed sweaters are always an all-time hit;
you can wear them alone or can wear it above an attractive collar shirt. This
combination looks just so perfect; if you feel it’s incomplete, top this combo
with a leather blazer or a woolen one. Girls are going to go crazy over this.

Choose these sweaters in unique colors to increase the heat and to set a good
impression. You are sure to get a handsome hunk appearance on wearing this; you
can purchase some latest trends in these sweaters. Check out good online stores.

Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans will never go out of fashion;
you can combine them with literally anything and everything. If you are in a
mood to wear shirts, pair them with the same or if you are in a mood to wear
t-shirts, you can do so. If you wish to look like a cool-dude, you can also opt
for button less shirts or sweatshirts. In case you are going out on a date,
carry the same look, but just use a denim jacket on top of it. Loafers will
look good but sneakers will look even better.


Harem pants will give you the comfort you
have always been looking for. Whether you are sitting casually at home or are
going out on an informal get-together, these harems will win you all the
praises and will make you feel “WOW”. If comfort is your priority, then there’s
nothing better than these pants. You can select a casual-tee or a collared
shirt; depending on when and wear you are wearing these harems. If you want to
go out, then it has to be paired with something better of course.

Bomber jackets

They are the best kind of clothing men can
wear. Be it summers or winters, these jackets never fail to create the oomph
factor. These are the oldest jackets but are still trendy. Yes, these were worn
during WW1 but now, they have become a trend among fashion conscious people.

You will find several versions; different designers design it differently.

Nowadays, even celebs are opting for these jackets due to the style quotient
they possess. Black is the favorite color of one and all; even you can select
one and pair them with denims.


Jumpers will always be a fashionable option
no matter what happens. They are good for all personalities and good for all
occasions, be it casual or formal. They perfectly suit all types of body i.e.

thin to plus size. There are different jumpers for different occasions, so you
can buy as per them. Select your favorite color and grab all eyeballs. Not only
will it make you look handsome, but will also give a comfy feel. You will start
feeling more confident.

Now that you know all the outfits, you can select
them from a good online store in just few clicks!