Factors affecting the growth rate of Lactobacillus Casei Essay


Our universe is diverse from workss, animate being and worlds. Even the smallest being like the cell is every diverse. Today we know that there are a batch of species and genus of bacteriums. We consider bacteriums as a prokaryotic, which is a individual celled being and doesn’t have a karyon. They come from different forms and sizes. In footings of forms they can either be a rod form or spherical form or coiling form. We can sort coiling form bacteriums as campylobacter, rod form as lactobacillus and spherical as staphylococci.

Lactobacillus Casei is a bacteria species coming from the Lactobacillus genus. It has rod shaped Gram-positive bacteriums. It is consider as a probiotic, which means that they give out good foods to the organic structure when they are consumed and are really good to the human organic structure. It is usually found in the human tummy or bowels, and is acerb tolerant due to the high sourness of the human bowels. They can besides be found in any dairy merchandises like cheese and milk. They are able to last in temperatures between 30°C to 40°C, which we consider as mesophilic beings. It is besides consider as a facultive anaerobic, which can either utilize O in aerophilic respiration in doing ATP or can utilize anaerobiotic respiration like agitation if O is absent from the system. Last, lactobacillus casei is an organotroph, which means that these bacteriums gain its energy from organic substances.

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Lactobacillus Casei has many benefits, one of which is bring forthing lactic acid that helps in take downing the PH of the digestive piece of land in bend halting the growing civilization of harmful bacteriums found in its environment like in the tummy. Another benefit of the bacterium, is that it aids the low milk sugar intolerance which are experienced by some people. Lactose intolerance is experienced when a individual can non digest lactose usually, which is found in dairy merchandises.

Lactobacillus Casei besides helps people with Crohn ‘s disease. The bacteriums are able to defy or decrease the consequence of the disease in their organic structure. Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory intestine disease, wherein a individual may see low unsusceptibility in the GI piece of land due to the bad pathogen civilization in the tummy. This disease can be compared to a terrible diarrhoea in which a individual may egest blood from his/her anus. It besides improves the insulin opposition, wherein a person’s organic structure does non to the full react to the insulin green goods and can take to high glucose content in the organic structure and if untreated can be a cause of fleshiness and diabetes. Last, it besides fortifies the immune system from any bacterial growing in the digestive piece of land.

One of the exciting events in the history of this bacterium is its probiotic effects. In the twelvemonth 1930, Dr. Minoru Shirota, working in the Kyoto Imperial University ‘s School of Medicine was able to better and civilization lactic acid bacteriums that we know today as Lactobacillus Casei Shirota. That clip Japan was on a modernisation period coming from old ages of isolation from the outside universe. Japan was still utilizing crude ways in bring arounding common unwellness like febrility and diarrhoea, which resulted into many complications to patients taking to deceases. In 1935, Dr. Shirota began integrating Lactobacillus Casei Shirota to a fermented drink that we know today as Yakult. In 1938, Yakult was registered as a hallmark with Lactobacillus Casei as a chief ingredient. Thru the old ages Yakult became of one of the chief companies in Japan and still increasing to a world-wide graduated table.

Factors impacting the growing rate of Lactobacillus Casei

Lactobacillus is one of the largest genus within the lactic acid bacterium. This bacterium really is the ground behind good hygienic quality of different merchandises in the dairy industry. Besides, these bacteriums show probiotic effects, advancing healthy unrecorded civilizations. These are some of the grounds why it is really of import to cognize the different emphasiss that it experiences to be able for it to last.

Lactobacillus casei, a bacterium, is greatly affect by its milieus and would decidedly respond to a batch of external conditions like all beings. This bacterium exhibits a batch of systems for feeling and accommodating to different sorts of nerve-racking conditions in order for them to last. The general conditions that affect bacteriums is the external emphasiss from the environment. This could be in a signifier of heat ; the alteration of environing temperature or the cell growing itself which composes of famishment and acerb emphasis. Generally, Lactobacillus casei is used as a probiotic and certainly can be found in the bowels. Before it can do its manner at that place, it would go through to the tummy, which comprises of a batch of destructive beings, acids and enzymes, which affects its survivability. The environmental conditions in the tummy are utmost for the bacteriums since it contains a high per centum of acid generated by the stomachic juice. This creates an utmost acid emphasis for the bacterium. The different bugs besides affects each other since they are invariably viing for available foods.

Heat and Cold Shock

One of the factors that affects the growing rate of lactobacillus casei is the debut of heat daze or heat emphasis. Harmonizing to researches, increasing or diminishing the temperature of the environment of the lactobacillus greatly affects it growing rate. Inducing heat daze decreased the endurance of these probiotic bacteriums refering to its original viability. This means that in order for the good bacteriums to make its mark, it must last the heat coming from different exothermal reactions go oning in the digestive system. Introducing cold daze nevertheless, changes the cellular composing including its protein profiles. These mutant bacteriums based from researches, showed a important decrease in its growing rate. Basically, presenting a alteration in temperature all of a sudden unto this bacterium gives a emphasis and hence impacting its growing rate. This shows that the environmental temperature in which the bacterium lives is really of import for its survivability.

Bile Salts and Osmotic emphasis

Bile Salts, which are considered as an anti-bacterial barrier are secreted by all mammals. These anti-bacterial barriers have an unconditioned unsusceptibility consequence that decidedly affect the growing rate of lactobacillus casei since these bacteriums are largely used or introduced as a probiotic inside the organic structure. Osmotic emphasis is besides observed when the bacterium is exposed to a big sum of salt. Osmotic is the self-generated transportation of solvent molecules in a permeable membrane to equilibrate the concentration on both sides. This means that the add-on of salt can impact the cell belongings of the bacteriums since different dissolvers can perforate indoors. Based from researches, the growing and look forms of lactobacillus casei changed when salt is introduced. Alterations in cell membrane were besides found based from the research. Basically, these emphasiss that the lactobacillus casei experience affects its growing rate.


The survivability of lactobacillus casei greatly depends on the different foods that it can synthesise as an energy beginning. The deficiency of an energy beginning decidedly affects its growing rate. Harmonizing to researches, famishment decreases the ability of the bacteriums to roll up its wanted foods which is needed for survivability. However, when famishment arises, these bacteriums are able to accommodate. The bacterium creates proteins in order to last the emphasis.

Acid and Alkali Stress

The consequence of pH and different acids found in the environment affects the growing of lactobacillus casei. The environmental conditions in the tummy are really acidic due to the stomachic juices that it produces. This is unsafe for the bacteriums and creates an utmost acid emphasis for the bacterium. Harmonizing to researches, lactobacillus instance tends to alter its acid emphasis response as clip base on ballss by. The growing of these bacteriums under utmost acidic conditions caused a batch of molecular and structural alterations ensuing into a sulky growing.


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