Few years ago Essay

Few old ages ago, I was analyzing in the secondary school. In one of the election pupil council, there were two campaigner councils. After that election, instructors found that there were about 100 pupils voted invalid ballots. Most of the instructors, even the president incrimination on those pupils who voted invalid ballots and thought they merely wanted to do merriment and it merely a buffoonery. But one of the instructors talked to our category and mentioned that it possibly non a buffoonery and the pupil merely desire to province their sentiment in an unseeable manner. That teacher stated a point that was possibly some pupil want to vote to both campaigner councils or non vote to any side. However, most of the people think elector must vote to one side. The speech production of that instructor has affects me a batch until now. That speech production was made me to believe about I could n’t merely believe the authorization and need to believe more in different positions, non merely in one side.

After my secondary school survey, I enrolled to the Associate of Social Science. Because I think the perusal of Social Science can assist me to do analyze of the incident in different positions and believe more critically.

I would wish to speak about what are the differences between the life of secondary school and the life of community college. I consider that the chief difference is the autonomy. In secondary school, there were many regulations to command the pupil. Such as hairdo, unvarying, fixed timetable and etc, even school would penalize the pupil when they break the regulations. In community college, there were no more peculiar regulations. The pupil can take their ain manner when they get to college. Such as dressing, larning manner, besides the behaviour. The pupil would get down to larn how to command and act themselves without some peculiar regulations. For illustration, pupil would non interrupt the regulations in secondary school because most of them worried about the penalty from the secondary school. But now, in the community college, most of the pupil would non interrupt to unseeable regulations. Such as speaking aloud in the talk because they recognized that the action would administer other pupil and to be labeled by the other. The motive of the pupil to command and act their behavior no more from the school and it reassign to the societal.

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Merely like I said above, community college is a rather broad topographic point. Another different is the learning manner. In secondary school, there was the scrutiny oriented acquisition. Therefore, most of the lesson, the text edition, the trial and even the instruction manner were focused on public scrutiny. Besides, instructors would set a force to the pupil and better their cognition and accomplishment to manage the public scrutiny. In another words, instructor would take care more about the pupil. For an illustration, teacher would trail the prep up when pupil did non manus in ; teacher would speak to the pupil when their trial consequences were non really good. But in the community college, the instructor would non take attention every bit same as the secondary school and the acquisition manner changed to self-learning. It means the pupil needs to be more active on their acquisition and they can non merely dependent on what instructor gave to them. The cognition from the instructor was limited and the instructor would give a way to the pupil. The pupil should seek to follow the way and learn by themselves through the library, Internet or anyhow out. Particularly the pupil is analyzing in Social Science ; many things around the society could be an issue and associate to what I learn. That means the pupil can larn from any clip and anyhow while they want.

After taking about the alterations between secondary school and community college, I would wish to speak about what I gain after I got in the community college. I expected analyzing Social Science can assist me to do an analysis in different position and believing more critically. I think Associate of Social Science progamme can partial carry through my outlook in last 13 hebdomads. I took 5 classs in last 13 hebdomads and Introduction of Psychology and Sociology has most impressed me. Because this two classs made me hold a new thought of the human and the society. Analyzing the class Introduction of Psychology made me understand people are human being and human being has their nature. It means people can non command everything they want and normally restraint by the human nature. For illustration, homo can non do the alterations on congenital traits of their organic structure easy. It made me though that homo can non command everything because a portion of their life was destined before they recognize the universe. In the class Sociology made me larn more about the societal construction, societal struggle and sociology construct. Particularly something I could normally hear political orientation from people, but really I did non really clear before. Some of the people said they have their ain political orientation. But what is the precisely significance of political orientation? Before analyzing Sociology, I was non really understood and do clear of the constructs above. When after the perusal, I can understand those constructs and acknowledge what the people mentioned about. I think Sociology can contract the spread between society and me. Besides can assist me to expose what go on in the society. Why I said this programme merely partial fulfill my outlook but non wholly? Because I expected I can derive more in the coming semester and carry through my outlook wholly in the hereafter.

To reason, the chief differences of secondary school and community college are liberty. Student behaviour and learning manner should be adjusted. The pupil needs to be more active and seek to turn their learning attitude to self-leaning manner. About the class, it let me hold a difference point of views and angles to believe about the human life and the society. In the coming semester, I expected I can larn more from different Fieldss in this programme to broaden the skyline.