Fiscal Policy Sample Essay

The intent of the assignment is to heighten learners’ apprehension of how financial policy can be used to accomplish economic ends.


Discuss and measure how financial policy tools can help in bettering economic growing. employment and extenuate rising prices.

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Fiscal policy is a policy concerned with Government Revenues and Government Expenditures. The tools are authorities outgos ( G ) . revenue enhancements ( T ) . both direct and indirect. shortage funding. i. e. . authorities borrowing and printing of new notes. subsidies. and reassign payments like unemployment allowances. stipends and scholarships. These tools can better the economic growing. employment and extenuate rising prices. Economic growing can be improved by monetary value stableness. act uponing the ingestion form. economic development and remotion of shortage in balance of payments. Price stableness. rising prices and deflation are the large frailties which the capitalist universe has to confront. During the rising prices. there are economic agonies for the fixed income groups.

Furthermore. the rising prices creates so many long-term societal and economic jobs. If authorities outgos are reduced and revenue enhancements are increased – all they will cut down NI many a clip through multiplier consequence. Therefore. when extra demand is controlled – the rising prices will be controlled. On the other manus. during deflation. if authorities outgos are increased and revenue enhancements are reduced – so. NI will travel up through multiplier consequence and economic depression will come to an terminal. But in most of the hapless states. authorities outgos are stiff downward. Furthermore the authorities outgos and infliction of revenue enhancements are influenced by political determinations. The curtailment of authorities outgos and raising of the revenue enhancements will blockade economic activities – manufacturers will be defeated and foreign private investing is discouraged.

Influencing the Consumption Pattern. in capitalist economic systems. authoritiess usually do non interfere in the ingestion affairs of people. However. for corporate improvement. it can make so. That is. if. authorities wants to cut down the ingestion of some peculiar merchandise. it can be done by enforcing revenue enhancement on that trade good. For illustration. if authorities wants to cut down the ingestion of gasoline. revenue enhancement will be imposed on gasoline. If authorities wants to raise the ingestion of any trade good. authorities can give subsidy on its production and ingestion. As. authorities wants to increase the ingestion of maize oil. subsidies can be given to the manufacturers of the maize oil. Furthermore. imports can be checked by enforcing higher responsibilities on the epicurean imports.

Economic development. it is a procedure whereby the existent national and per capita income of the state increases over a long period of clip. The underdeveloped states are over-ambitious of attainment of economic development. But they have deficit of fiscal resources. In this connexion. easy financial policy. attendant upon decrease in revenue enhancements. addition in authorities outgos and allowing of subsidies to the manufacturers can be adopted. This will supply inducements to the manufacturers to increase investing. Once the procedure of increased investing starts. through multiplier consequence NI will increase many a clip. The relentless addition in NI means economic development. But it must be remembered that the procedure of development can non simply pe started with easy financial policy.

To achieve economic development. there is demand of natural resources. engineering. human accomplishment and direction. Furthermore. economic development may ensue in rising prices and unequal income distribution. Removal of Deficit in Balance of Payments ( BOP ) . if a country’s foreign payments exceed its foreign grosss so the state faces a shortage in BOP. This state of affairs shatters the economic life of the state. Consequently. demand is to take it. In this connexion. if authorities pursues a rigorous financial policy – desirable consequences can be obtained. This rigorous financial policy means decrease in authorities outgos and increase in revenue enhancements – which will cut down NI through multiplier. Hence. there will be deflationary inclinations in the economic system -prices will fall and exports will increase. On the other manus. due to deflation. a country’s income falls. It will cut down imports of the state. Ultimately. BOP place is improved. But a rigorous financial policy will hold negative consequence on country’s investing. production and employment.

Employment can be improved by raising the degree of employment and redistribution of income. Raise the degree of employment. the developing states. due to population growing. deficit of resources. etc. are clutched into the custodies of unemployment and underemployment. To take this state of affairs. financial policy helps us. If authorities outgos. on the footing of shortage funding. are increased and revenue enhancements are lowered. through multiplier consequence NI will increase many a clip. The multiple enlargements in NI will hold an impact on the degree of employment. In this manner. the easy financial policy will hold the consequence of raising employment. But. harmonizing to Phillips – there exists a positive relationship between employment and rising prices. In other words. if we. desire to raise the degree of employment. rising prices will hold to be restored.

Redistribution of income. in UDCs low per capita income is accompanied by great inequalities in income distribution. Therefore. there is demand of redistribution of income. In this connexion. progressive system of revenue enhancement is advocated. This system will impact the increased incomes of the rich people. On the other manus. the flow of outgos to the hapless is increased. They be provided with free lodging. medical and educational installations. The redistribution in income is justified on the undermentioned evidences. 1. Even distribution of income will intend a larger market for merchandises produced by the local industry. 2. Redistribution will look into the higher fringy leaning to import. 3. The flow of outgos towards the hapless will increase their productiveness and inducements. Hence. such addition in productiveness ( income ) should be considered as investing. instead ingestion which would take to speed up the rate of growth… 4. But the policy of enforcing greater revenue enhancements on rich and relieving the hapless from revenue enhancements may non be adopted in developing states. where the feudal and rich dominate the parliament. Furthermore. giving subsidies to the hapless on basic comfortss of life is out of inquiry in hapless states.

Mitigate rising prices can be improved by progressive system of revenue enhancement. unemployment allowances and other public assistance parts and agricultural monetary value support policies. Progressive of revenue enhancement. in capitalist economic systems the progressive system of revenue enhancement is in operation. During rising prices when incomes of people are lifting. the revenue enhancement rate besides increases. Consequently. the major portion of incomes will be taken off by the authorities. In this manner. the rising prices will be checked. On the other manus. during deflation when incomes of the people are diminishing. the revenue enhancement rate besides decreases. In this manner. the Disposable income of the people will non diminish.

Consequently ; deflation will be controlled. Unemployment allowances and other Welfare Contributions. during rising prices when incomes of the people are lifting. the houses and authorities make heavy tax write-offs from the rewards and wages of their workers and employees. In this manner. rising prices will be checked ; hence leaning to devour will diminish. While in depression such tax write-offs are decreased. Hence. ingestion will increase and deflation will be checked. Agricultural Price Support Policies. during depression. when monetary values of agricultural goods are falling. authorities purchases them at a sensible monetary value. In this manner. husbandmans are compensated and’ depression does non escalate itself. While during rising prices. authorities sells agricultural goods at low monetary values from its militias. Consequently. rising prices will be controlled.