Five Forces of Golf Essay

New entrant In golf equipment industry, the competitive threats of new entrants are low. Because golf equipment have technical limitation, USGA give golf equipment some restrictions. And if you enter into this market, you have investment huge funds and have access to distribution channels. Also, brand preferences are very important to consumers. So entrance into this industry is difficult. What: product golf equipment Suppliers In golf equipment industry, the supplier bargaining power is low.

Because buyer demand is declining in the golf equipment industry. So suppliers is oversupply. Buyers’ costs for switching among suppliers are low, suppliers’ products not much difference, because golf equipment have strict regulations and rules. What: product golf equipment Substitute Products The biggest competition for golf is a recreational sport. Recreational sports including fishing, Snooker, bowling, karting. Golf by more constraints such as venue, weather. In addition, Relatively high cost of golf.

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Overall the lower the price of substitutes, experience better, Lower switching costs for user,Its competitive pressures that can be Strength. what: fishing, snooker, bowling, karting. Buyers professional golfer association Through PGA Led the development of this industry so that consumers love the game of golf,Established golf culture,give to consumers a sense of belonging? Association organizes regular events promote the sport allow more people to participate in the sport.

Who: golfer. Rival Firms In the golf industry, Professional equipment manufacturers compete to the top five vendors, for example: CALLAWAY GOLF COMPANY, TAYLORMADE-ADIDAS GOLF, TITLEIST/COBRA GOLF, PIN GOLF, NIKE GOLF. The major manufacturers compete mainly in price, advertising, product introduction, celebrity endorsements. Who: Callaway golf company, Taylormade-adidas golf, Titleist/Cobra golf, Pin golf, Nike golf. What:golf industry