From challenge of biological science. This course

From a very young age I’ve always enjoyed learning and taking part in Physical Education so I decided to carry it on in college and study BTEC Sport and Science Exercise. I now plan on doing Physiotherapy/Sports Therapy at youruniversity. In my first year I noticed the subjects I like are Physiology, Anatomy, Exercise, Health and Lifestyle. I’m now in my second year and the subjects I enjoy are Sports Massage, Applied Physiology and Sports Injuries.Physiotherapy/Sports Therapy has been my major aspiration since a young age. I have always been fascinated about the body and I would love to work with people and see physiotherapy as an excellent way of combining this along with the challenge of biological science. This course has acombination of combination of Sport and Science which makes it very suitable for me as I am currently studying Sport and Exercise ScienceI’ve chosen this course at your university because I believe this course fits in with my career aims and I am currently learning the subjects that are related to it which I also enjoy. Furthermore, the facilities at your university are excellent.Another reason why I chose this course is because it is a subject I enjoy and I feel motivated to learn about. Sport and Exercise Science is the subject that has prepared me best for this course. Moreover, Physiotherapy/Sports therapy is a course that would teach me a range of skills which I can use in the future.As an enthusiastic and loquacious member of my college, I enjoy academic debates and discussions so I think I’d be able to contribute a lot to class discussions. I’m good at organising things and keen to get involved with running events for my current course. I enjoy giving presentations as it boosts my confidence and I especially like when I’m preparing handouts so I think I’d be particularly useful when it comes to group work. On the other hand I would say I’m too much of a perfectionist, I sometimes tend to spend too much time worrying over work to get it right.Although I haven’t done work experience for physiotherapy/sports therapy, outside of education I currently work part time as a retail assistant. This involves meeting newpeople every day. Every new customer I meet I treat them with respect.  A few months back an incident occurred at my work placewhere an elderly person collapsed on the floor. At first I was in shock but I had to react quickly, I approached the customer to check if she was alright, after that I called my supervisor who then told me to make an announcement for the first aiderto come. I made the announcement and I grabbed the chair from behind the till and brought it over to the customer and assured her that everything is going to be okay. My supervisors and I were with her until the first aiders arrived. It was hard for me because I didn’t know what to do but handing this difficult situation in my part time job has taught me it’s important to persevere, even when you feel like giving up – something that applies to any situation, but especially academia. However, this incident gave me more of an interest in this particular aspect to the course.I’ve had 100% attendance every term; I’m hard working in class, responsible and sensible in college. I have an outgoing personality and enjoy working in a team. I currently work part time and I wish to continue that job while studying this course. I believe being on this course will give me the opportunity to improve my skills and let me use my initiative.