Geological Time Scale Sample Essay

Understanding geologic clip is critical to associating events in Earth’s history to those of today. Scientists use several signifiers of the geologic clip graduated table to sort the age of objects and to go familiar with other events happening at the same time. In this lesson you will: ·Examine how the geologic clip graduated table summarizes Earth’s history ·Analyze physical and biological alterations that have occurred over clip ·Identify major events that occurred in geologic clip

·Observe the theoretical account of the geologic clip graduated table
1. Below you have been provided with a scaly chart to demo the geological clip graduated table. Each ___ represents 1 centimetre. The beginning of Earth was 4. 6 billion old ages ago and is represented as 4. 6 metres. hence each centimetre represents 10 million old ages. For the interest of inputting informations some rows will be larger than others. nevertheless each 10 million old ages is right represented in the Eon column. 2. You will necessitate to finish the graduated table by taking the appropriate bead down field every bit good as entering important biological and geological events. Because the graduated table has been provided for you. the bulk of your class will be based on the information you gather for events. 3. Read the Observations and maintain and pay close attending while garnering informations. 4. After you have completed the graduated table answer the Reflection Questions. Observations

·Examine how the geologic clip graduated table summarizes Earth’s history
·Pay close attending to last 540 million old ages
·During the last 540 million old ages observe how rapidly complex life evolved
·Notice the sum of clip worlds have been in being compared to the creative activity of Earth. Reflection Questions ( 10 points )

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Do non reply until you have completed graduated table below
1. Explain how the graduated table provided is designed to demo the Earth’s history and demo the computations: 2. Based on the graduated table. how much longer ( in centimetres ) was the clip before the Phanerozoic Eon compared to the remainder of the graduated table? 3. How many “years” separate the dinosaurs from worlds on Earth?

4. Were you surprised by the length of the clip graduated table when you saw it on a uninterrupted piece of paper? Why or why non? Explain your reply as it relates to the range of Earth’s geologic yesteryear.