Goldman million+ in companies with the following

Goldman Sachs aims to
maximize individual potential, increase commercial effectiveness, reinforce the
firm’s culture, expand their employee’s professional opportunities, and help
them contribute positively to their greater communities. GS growth focuses exclusively on
investments in growth stage and technology-driven companies. A part of Goldman
Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division, they have invested more than $5 billion in
strategic capital for entrepreneurs and management to execute long-term growth
plans since 1994.  


They aim to reach this with strong management teams and
resources. That way they can help companies grow into market leaders and create
long-term value for their customers, partners, and shareholders. The team
targets investments ranging in size of $25 million+ in companies with the
following characteristics: Proven management team, strong
financial track record and 20%+ annual revenue growth, large market opportunity,
innovative technology or proprietary processes that create a sustainable
competitive advantage.

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The question of, why would
they need a change in strategy would be answered by, that it’ll be a change in
a particular part of the strategy after the bank’s losses in commodities
following the second quarter results, they said the business was “a
story of challenges on all fronts,” adding at the time: “We didn’t
navigate the market as well as we aspire to, or as well as we have in the
past.” Most of
the changes Schwartz highlighted focused on the FICC division, where executives
plan to work more with asset managers and banks, an initiative through which
they believe they could earn $600m more in revenues over the next three years.

“We’re not satisfied with our recent performance in FICC – we’re intensely
focused on it and we know you are as well,” Schwartz said in his
presentation, adding that the market environment in the third quarter for FICC
was “a pretty challenging environment for us”. Goldman Sachs saw FICC
revenues drop 40% year-on-year in the second quarter. It has been especially
hard hit by the recent commodities slump.  He said the bank believes
it can generate an extra $1bn of FICC trading revenue annually, an extra $2bn
from financing and lending (including its expanding consumer lending
business Marcus), an extra $1bn from investment management and $500m extra from both
investment banking and equities client coverage.1/2