Gun Control Essay

Gun Control

Gun control remains the biggest challenge to security bureaus in America. It has claimed several guiltless lives therefore taking to great moaning in the United States. Similarly, several people have been left crippled as a consequence of gun offense and force. The challenge lies in the issue and ownership of unaccredited guns in the United States. In order for the gun offense rate to diminish authoritiess should command gun distribution and outlaw its ownership with no exclusion to any fortunes. Gun force can hence be defined as the usage of pieces to do injury. The term besides denotes the general abuse of guns. It therefore may be loosely be described as a category of offense and force committed utilizing pieces which may or non cover actions of ego defence, jurisprudence enforcement patterns, athleticss, runing among others ( Alexander, 2003 ) . It encompasses calculated usage of pieces to kill, do hurt or threaten persons. It is common among striplings and kids who end up doing problem among them and in the general populace. The thesis of this paper is, “Gun control in America.”

Execution of Gun Control Mechanisms

There are several ways in which gun control can be implemented. Borrowing from the U.K experience and statute law, gun control should be the exclusive responsibility of the authorities every bit good as private security houses. There is demand to deconcentrate security issues in the United States since the constabulary seem to be overwhelmed by the sheer volumes of offense that they are expected to cover with gun force in the United States is rampant and has claimed several guiltless lives. There are assorted types of condemnable activities runing from pick-pocketing to international terrorist act. Condemnable activities are normally accompanied with force which is fatal and dearly-won. Crime has remained on the addition for a really long period of clip. This has ever threatened the security of many people, cased loss of lives and devastation of belongings among other dearly-won effects. As a consequence, everybody around the Earth including celebrated leaders like the U.S President is worried of the current insecurity instances in the universe. Although a batch of attempt has been incorporated in the war against insecurity, recent findings reveal that instances of force are still high. Many analysts argue that the war against offense in a corporate duty which has to affect everybody regardless of gender, race or age.

Among many incidences which are reported on a day-to-day footing, gun force has turned out to happen more frequent than any other signifier of condemnable activity. What amazes is how people are accessed to guns so easy including kids. In fact, easy handiness to guns is what makes the war against gun force to be complicated and rather demanding ( Alexander, 2003 ) . There are a figure of factors which have besides been considered as major subscribers to high rates of gun force. It is of import to observe that gun force can merely be handled if there is controlled gun distribution and illegalization of its ownership. Although it is a corporate duty, authoritiess have a considerable bulky duty to set about. As schemes to cover with gun force continue being formulated, United States of America remains the taking state in the universe with highest degrees of gun force.

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Gun offense Torahs in USA and statistics

Approximately 60-80 % of homicide instances in America are as a consequence of pieces. Despite these dismaying rates and figures, gun control in U.S is really loath. This laxness in gun control is augmented by a figure of factors including political relations and politicians. Many influential people have vested involvements and make up one’s mind to utilize guns to carry through their mark. American fundamental law besides affects attempts to cover with gun force. For case, the 2nd amendment of the U.S fundamental law was as a consequence of struggle between Federalists and ant-federalists in 1789. The clause recognizes the being of reserves groups which have to be organized to protect and give security to the province with un-infringed bearing of weaponries ( Steve, 2004 ) . Harmonizing to the public sentiment, many people believe that they have the right to have a gun without oppugning. However, some people argue that the 2nd amendment was meant to impact Americans functioning in the reserves service and non merely any normal citizen as sensed publically.

Harmonizing to Steve Pudlo, the first gun ordinance in the United States of America was in 1911 after an effort to assassinate William Gaynor who was by so functioning as New York city manager. It was until the shot of Senator Robert Kennedy in 1968 and Martin Luther King that the federal gun control act was passed and became jurisprudence. It has ever been perceived that the United States subsequently developed immune towards horrific gun offenses ( Steve, 2004 ) . This is because when of the incidence which occurred in 1999 where two male childs changeable 12 pupils and a instructor in Colorado. Although there was force per unit area from all over for the blessing of gun control guidelines, the measure was buried in the House of Representatives. This analysis shows that control of guns has been the major cause of increased gun force in the united of America doing it ranked place one on the universe map. What many people do non understand is whether politicians and other influential American personalities feel the demand of controlled gun ownership and distribution.

Harmonizing to National Crime Victimization Survey, U.S records the highest figure of gun force instances every twelvemonth. As stated in the study study, 10 per centum of all violent offenses that took topographic point between 1993 and 2001 involved the usage of pieces. In add-on piece offenses have ever been on the addition in the United States for a long period of clip. Many people continue to be confronted by gun armed packs and persons on a day-to-day.

Policy Recommendations for Gun Control

Although control of gun distribution and ownership in America and most parts of the universe has remained a mirage, many people are optimistic that a lasting solution to the job exists. As mentioned by Victor Spooner, the best solution to the job of gun force can good be understood by acquiring to the root cause of this security pestilence that continues to endanger universe security. He critically analyzes the function the media in promoting gun force in America and around the universe. He notes that since the find of assorted media channels, societies have significantly been changed ( Victor, n.d. ) . Although, media educates and augments riddance of some frailties in the community, it has every bit good contributed moral debasement and promoted antisocial behaviour among the young person and the general populace. Victor Spooner, a societal analyst and writer of many books covering societal life goes a caput to analyse how media elites of companies like Hollywood have influenced American ‘s perceptual experience over the usage of guns in relation to gallantry.

Harmonizing to Spooner, Hollywood is one of the major vocal advocators for gun control. He argues that these elites promote antisocial behaviour like gun force through music and films which non merely watched in America entirely but across the Earth.

The authorities has the greatest duty in covering with condemnable activities. It must guard against illegal ownership of gun. It is of import to restrict people who are supposed to have guns. In relation to these conditions thorough study should be done prior to leting the usage of a gun by an person ( Alexander, 2003 ) . Such study should chiefly cover the history of an person in footings of head soundness and societal stableness. It would of great importance for people to undergo psychiatric trials before accessing guns. This would guarantee that people with mental instability are non allowed to have guns because of their likeliness to misapply.

In add-on, parents have to stress the demand of peaceable coexistence among households. It would be better if neighbours embraced good interpersonal relationships for the intent of guaranting peace and lowering of gun force instances in the society. Religious instructions should be embraced at all times ( Patrick, 2009 ) . This is because of their strong resistance with respect to gun force and other anti societal behaviours. In add-on, forces arms which work for merely one individual should be introduced to avoid sharing of pieces. Firearm finger printing can besides be used to follow lost and found guns. A serious prohibition on guns like the one in United Kingdom can work good for the U.S. This would restrict the figure of people who are lawfully allowed to posses guns.

Although a batch of attempts have been incorporated in the war against Gun force, it remains rampant in the United States. The war itself is far from being won with everybody being called upon to fall in custodies in battling this planetary flagellum. However, as all these attempts are being involved, it is of import to observe that authoritiess have the biggest duty in covering with offense. Laws have to be formulated to command distribution of guns and outlaw their ownership.

American political relations have besides been mentioned in respect to causes of gun force and the uncontrolled distribution of guns across the state ( Obanyi, 2008 ) . There has been laxity in politician ‘s attempts to explicate Torahs which would cover gun ownership and distribution. For case, the 2nd amendment of the American fundamental law legalized reserves groups and ownership of guns. Harmonizing to Spooner, most media channels expose the usage of guns as an accomplishment. This is really common in media violent stuff like horror films in which the usage of guns is considered as an accomplishment ; many gun users are seen prosper and move from one phase to another without being nabbed by security units ( Victor, n.d. ) . As a consequence, many young persons end up emulating actions taken by most of these histrions particularly in relation to utilize of guns to perpetrate condemnable activities. Although the media industry denies holding links with gun force, many people believe that this is chiefly a signifier of propaganda that is aimed at advancing and protecting the involvements of the amusement industry. Victor Spoon concludes his analysis by saying that telecastings, films and other media channels inspire gun force through thuggish music and picture.

In add-on, the United States authorities should besides develop a policy that is in tandem with the social jobs. For case, countries known for high offense prevalence should ne’er be allowed to hold many persons possessing guns. Community patroling possibly comes in ready to hand towards guaranting that gun control becomes a success in the United States. The U.K has been so successful in this facet.

The security agents should obtain particular authorities licence to transport out random cheques in order to check down on the figure of illegal guns owned by some of the United States occupants. This will guarantee that there is a spot of duty when it comes to gun ownership. In the U.K. the constabulary can be able to state about how many persons ain guns. This has bolstered gun control magnanimously.


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