Harartiology Case Sample Essay

In order to better understand Hamartiology we must foremost get down to unknot the topographic point in which Hamartiology originally derived. Hamartiology technically is the survey of wickedness. Hamartiology. in the original Greek. literally means losing the grade. In order to acquire a better apprehension of the survey of wickedness. we must foremost intend 1 must first expression at where wickedness foremost began. The first wickedness and disobedient act against God can be found in Genesis 3. This occurred briefly into the beginning of creative activity. After God created adult male and adult female in Adam and Eve. he so commanded them to remain off from one peculiar tree. Old nick showed up symbolized in a snake to allure Eve to eat fruit from the out tree. In her human iniquitous nature she proceeded to take that first iniquitous bite.

The job of immorality. besides known as theodicy. is merely a label for a serious of jobs affecting God and evil. One of these jobs lies in the inquiry of why the righteous suffers. Another one of these inquiries raised refering the job of immorality is whether God does good or if he does evil. This job of immorality is non bound to Christian divinity. but stretches over many other faiths non merely in the Western universe.

There are two different classs of immorality. Moral immorality is evil produced by activities of moral agents. Natural immorality is evil that occurs in the procedure of the operation of the natural order ( Ewell ) . ” Moral immorality are things like offense. bondage. bias. and other unfairnesss. Examples of natural immoralities are things like hurricanes. twisters. malignant neoplastic disease. and other things of natural order. Theodicies must be internally consistent because nil can be contractive. It must be comparative to the specific divinity that it addresses ( Ewell 1884 ) . The theodicy of evil exists because of the gift of God’s gift of free will to adult male. Therefore. God did non needfully make immorality in itself. Because of man’s free will. Eve’s free will. evil was born. There are different positions of theodicy. Leibniz’s theodicy provinces that God Augustinian theodicy argues that God created the universe absolutely. This theodicy besides states that Adam and Eve introduced wickedness to the universe. The Irenaean theodicy chiefly focuses on humanistic disciplines development. Irenaean theodicy argues that we are in a moral province to get down. but can make moral flawlessness. This theodicy in conclusion states that God brings enduring for our benefit. Last but non least is the Free-Will theodicy.

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Free-will theodicy provinces that God is non responsible for evil. but because we are free moral agents with the ability to do our ain picks. we are finally responsible for all the wickedness and immorality in the universe. Personal experience of immorality has the possible to earnestly impact one’s relationship with God. Person who has seen speckless sums of calamity and test within their life may non understand God’s goodness like some who have been dealt an easy manus for a bulk of their life. I lead a bible survey for in-between school pupils on Monday darks. Tonight they were inquiring inquiries about Satan. snake pit. and why “bad things happen. ”

In replying their inquiries. I struggled a spot in trying to explicate this. As a selfish coevals. it is hard for us to understand when God does non automatically immediately work out the programs that we have made in head for ourselves. Strong trusters though. who are intimate with the God of all Comfort understand that though bad things and seeking clip arise. God is still good and still God. However. those who are faced with immorality and do non believe and grok less why God lets bad things take topographic point. Personal experience of immorality can truly agitate a person’s religion. However. the God whom I serve wins over Satan every clip.


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