Have when someone sitting for so long;

Have you ever heard a quote of “Having to explain to a child
of today, who has learned to swipe before they can speak, that certain aspects
of a person’s life must remain private for the preservation of one’s sanity is
almost frivolous” (Aysha Taryam) 4 ? It is clear that new generation are
highly exposed to social media; sarcastically since their first day on earth. In certain
situation, people might have been addicted to the social media as it is vital
in establishing a relation in communications to certain groups of people.
 There are few articles and discussions are
made as of the issue on media is quite complicated ; social media addiction can also be classified
as cyber disorders which brings many impacts to people where the addiction can
be stronger than addiction to cigarettes or foods. So, the main
of the writing is to pop-up a few impacts on social media addiction.

Specifically, people argue that
there are five different types of internet addiction, namely computer addiction, cyber-sexual
addiction, information
overload, net compulsions, and cyber-relationship addiction 1. Firstly, social media
leads to computer addiction where it commonly happened to teenagers and it is
become a habit for them. Teenagers tend to spend most of their times playing
games and other entertainment instead of doing outdoor activities and this
could lead to some health problems. For example, when someone sitting for so long; playing games
or working with computers, it can result
in poor posture which can also result in chronic back problems that require the
services of a chiropractor. Dry eyes, carpal tunnel syndrome, and vision
complications are some other eye problems caused by over use of a computer.
Migraine and headaches are quite common in computer addiction that are linked
to the straining of the eyes 2. So it is clear that social networking
addiction (computer addiction) is an unhealthy habit that we should avoid
before it’s too late.

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As the digital generation grows up, societies’ norms
are being challenged by changing views of what is acceptable communication 3. Next, the Internet and virtual social networks are new technologies that have had most impact
on young people where it involved cyber-sexual addiction. There is a possibility for children to be abused via
cyberspace through online sexual solicitation and get access to pornography
(Karen L.2007). To make it clear, the internet is replete with inappropriate
material, including pornography, chat-rooms with adult themes and access to
instant messaging wherein others could misrepresent themselves.  Young
people live much of their lives online: texting and ‘sexting’ their thoughts
and images to their intimates and strangers alike. These changes have
challenged the legal structures committed to protecting society’s youth (Mark B. Pacheco, 2013). For example, children are actively utilizing the
internet where unknown others can have access to them or where they can be exposed
to inappropriate sexual materials. Therefore it is a vital for parents to guard
the teenagers (most common) on the usage of internet and the limit in accessing
some websites. They require safeguarding and education in safe internet use.

Moreover, the social network site like Facebook and
Instagram are some rapidly expanding phenomenon that changed the nature of social
relationships. Obviously people are sharing overload information about them to
the public by posting status, sharing pictures with location and the worst is
when they also shared their identity (private information) in some browsing
website without any hesitance. Students are
normally get this wrong because Internet served as one of the fastest way to
get information. It is easy for them to get latest updated information and
students are now not really aware of the issues. Sometimes one cannot see the
validity behind the information. But to some extend it’s also causing a
problem of Information Overload, all because it’s providing the individuals
with so much information that it’s causing hidden problem 5. People
should think twice before they shared any important information to the public
to prevent the misused of it.

In the nutshell, social media should not be the major issue in our
country. Social media addiction is a relevant problem that will
get even worse in future due to the rapid development of information and
communication of technologies. It is recommended if people could devote less
time on the Internet activities and to resist the addiction is to train your
will. Any individual who is not being impacted due to social media ought to
step aside and take a gander at his/her life and set your own priorities
straight. Value the good things in your life before it is too late