Having some these types of add-ons that

Having a perfect payroll system leads to excellence for long-term business achievement. There are many complex tasks in payroll management, such as maintaining payroll reports, filing taxes, staff information, and tracking hours of employee and many more. Generally, most of the entrepreneurs keep faith on QuickBooks to manage payroll. However, there are many impediments in QuickBooks due to that it does not able to serve extensive resolutions for payroll management such as QuickBooks does not save records of employee hours, so, it cannot track that data.

Intuit offers many QuickBooks add-ons which can be easily integrated with your QuickBooks Software. We are explaining some these types of add-ons that can solve payroll matters and enhance your QuickBooks experience.

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Top 5 QuickBooks Apps for Payroll Management

1. Time Tracker

·         Track easily your employees when you’re not present in the your office

·         Easy customization for alterations in logs and reports for time entries

·         Easy and quick approval tool to collaborate timesheets with bills

·         Many customization choices, especially in accordance with the requirements of law firms

2. Time Rewards:

·         Find extensive information for each projects, where employees are working

·         Track easily time sheet of your team without any extra effort

·         Defining and optimizing invoices according to your customer’s requirement

·         Keep important employees’ information safe and secure

·         Allow employees to track their time sheet from the mobile application

3. Certified Payroll Solutions

·         Accept various QuickBooks data in the account for deeper analysis

·         Automates all kind of payroll reports

·         Analyze deeply the working hours of employees

4. Crew/Overtime Entry Solutions

·         Installing the right system to track and manage employee overtime details

·         Calculate easily payments for overtime of workers

·         To make different group of employees’ to make easy payments

5. Wage Manager Solutions

·         Accept automatically various pay rates during workers’ salary change

·         Organizing all kind of modifications in the rates of wages and many more