he graffiti still face tough situation due

he graffiti belong to the kind of street art. It is painting on the wall. Usually, it drew up by teenagers, they use various slogans or stylistic symbols to attract people. It is controversial that whether to develop it or not. Because McAuliffe (2012) points out “Implicitly set as a challenge to urban relations, as the transgressive act of property crime, graffiti has become an emotionally charged public order issue” (para.1). Teenagers often write impolite words or draw rebellious pictures. Many teenagers like graffiti because they can express their ideas with it. Although many governments consider it as illegal and should be banned, supporters insist that it should be developed in a better and proper way.               The obvious obstruction of the graffiti development is vandalism. Some governments resist this art because they think it is inappropriate and messy. Thus, they view it as a crime.  Vanderveen and Eijk (2016) researched that in Australia, Netherlands, and the UK, graffiti still face tough situation due to the fact that some strict policies. Whereas graffiti decorate the city on the other hand, and some cities help to develop it vigorously. Morrison (2017) reported that the mayor of Sao Paulo in order to change the sight of the old town. Graffiti which match the surrounded environment can make the city more attractive. As well as in Berlin there is a wall covered with graffiti—called Berlin Wall, it is one of the most famous attractions in Berlin (Puello,2017, para 6). Therefore, certain graffiti do beautify the city.             Some people argue that the graffito is a product of street gang; however, others feel that it expresses personal voice. For example, a British artist- Banksy, used his special graffiti to deliver his attitude towards the society. He painted a girl who was releasing a heart-shaped balloon and these pictures reflected he wanted people to keep their innocence and whimsy. He often uses some symbols to mock the society and government (Ellsworth-Jones, 2013). In another way, graffito is a voice of freedom. Nowadays, people want to speak out their own words to the society in some special ways. Therefore, graffito is more than just a doodle but also contains different meanings. These painters are ordinary people rather than gangsters.  Many think that graffiti are expensive and hard to clean up, but other people think it represent deep political meaning in a certain meaning. For example, in 2008-2013, the economy of Spain and Greece depressed very seriously, these financial crises caused social unrest, inflation, and unemployment. So that many people draw the graffiti to rebel the government corruption and showed their dissatisfaction with society (Green, 2014). Besides, there is a very famous tourist—Berlin Wall. There is a graffito called “The Kiss”. It is a kiss graffito of leader of Soviet Leonid Brezhnev with the East Germany President Erich Honecker. It is to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the German Democratic Republic–East Germany (Peterson, 2012, para2). Graffiti can be used as the reflection of political statements. It is significant for each country and city. To conclude, although the graffito is a controversial issue, it worth further developing. It decorates the urban construction, delivers the view of people and carried with deeply political meaning. It is also an interesting and creative street art. Many cities take graffiti as attractions to develop. The most typical city is Berlin, King (2017) stated that “Berlin is a true canvas and its inhabitants are the artists, contributing to a picture that is never quite complete. The street art-scene is a highlight of the city; as such Culture Trip has put together here a few ways to make the most out of exploring them”(p.1). Furthermore, the graffito also represents the culture of Hip Hop. All in all, for the better development of cities, governments should help to develop graffito.