Holden Caulfield from “The Catcher in The Rye” Essay

“The Catcher in the Rye” the reader can see the universe through his eyes as he is the one narrating the narrative in first individual. Holden is a immature adolescent. the age of 16 who is emotionally disturbed and baffled male child who is come ining the journey of maturity. Holden is a typical adolescent who is instead annoyed and disgusted by the society that surrounds him. To me he comes across as a witty single because of the manner he makes merriment of. as he likes to name it the “phony” people in society he comes across with in the novel. He is from a household formed of two parents who seem to be rather affluent. as they live in an expensive portion of New York most people have to be affluent to populate in New York. Holden besides was two fusss. D. B. and Allie. Allie whom is dead at the age of 13 and he has a younger sister Phoebe.

During the novel we discover that Holden is instead down immature adult male because of his yesteryear. with the decease of his brother and the weaknesss of his classs in the recent schools he has attended to. he has become unhappy which leads him to hold a dislocation. It seems that Holden is really disgruntled with life and has ne’er had any aid during his clip of confusion so I figure he is instead hebdomad and in some parts of the novel he feels like perpetrating self-destruction.

Holden has a immense sense of moral values. which frequently seems to interfere with other people’s loss of values. Because of other peoples values he gets frustrated and thinks people are “phony” . Holden seems to be a instead average individual as you read his feelings and how he feels towards people but it is merely what he thinks. When Holden does something incorrect he feels truly guilty about his behaviour and it frequently eats him up indoors. Like the clip when he went out with Sally Hayes and he calls her “a hurting in the ass” when she refuses to run away with him. after he feels truly guilty and can hardly halt believing about it. He is besides a individual who can’t acquire things out of his head when things bother him like when Ward Stradlater goes out with his old girlfriend Jane Gallagher ; throughout the novel he thinks about it a batch and wonders how the day of the month went.

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Holden hates the films and loves books. Holden behaviour while he is in New York traveling to bars and run intoing adult females he acts like a grownup by smoke and imbibing. but he is really critical to others that live that sort of life style.

It would be instead difficult to see myself as Holden or even moving like him even for a twenty-four hours because I’m really different from him and I’m non every bit critical towards people as he is. I think it would be hard to be friends with him because I would ever be inquiring what he is believing about me and normally when he does believe of person it is ever in a negative manner. But still it was easy to place him because I have friends that are sort of like him and they act the same manner.