Hong Kong Vs Orlando Disney Land Parks Tourism Essay

This Paper will be a comparative analysis between two companies, it will supply background information, societal, ethical, political and legal differences, and it besides will refer differences material on two different Disney ‘s Parkss in two different states.

Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago Illinois, to his male parent and female parent, Mr. Elias Disney and Mrs. Flora called Disney. Walt was one of five kids, he had three brothers and one sister. After Walt was born his household decide to travel to Marceline Missouri. At an early age Walt was interested in art. To do money as a kid he would make drawing and sell them to his neighbour. He went to doing High School where he pursued an art calling by analyzing picture taking and art. Walt enlist in the armed forces in 1918 he was rejected because he was 16 old ages old, So alternatively he joined the ruddy cross, where he went overseas to France where he had his first occupation driving ambulance and chau fearing ruddy cross functionaries. After France he started a little company called Laugh O Granis, it went into insolvent. He went to Hollywood with merely 20 dollars to get down his new calling. While in Hollywood he made Alice comedies. In July of 1925 he married Lillan bounds, which was one of his first employees. They had two girls named Diane and Sharon Disney. He produced his first colored sketch called Flowers and Trees in 1932. In 1937 he released the Old Mill and Snow white and the seven Dwarfs which was the first alive musical to premiere in carthay theatre in Los Angeles. The movie cost $ 1,499,000, during the following five old ages Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi was bought in the universe. Walt opened his first amusement park called Disney land in 1955. The park made 17 million dollars off of charming land. Walt Disney strength as we all know is at that place celebrated trade name, the films that they offer to different coevalss including grownups. Animated characters such as Mickey and Minnie mouse, Cinderella and Winnie the Pooh and others. To pull clients and besides at that place fabulous Miramax movie studio and Pixar ‘s. Some of the failing that include several different subject Parkss including Epcot, carnal Kingdom and charming land, which opened they opened up two subject Parkss that surrounds the country in typhoon laguna and snowstorm beach. They besides had expanded trade names like ESPN Wide universe and athleticss attractive force. Walt Disney operated several different hotels and a campsite. All of these things that I mention stand for a mark of failing because cut downing efficiency can take to a lock strategic focal point. Some more failing are excessively much out sourcing, some illustrations are audio animatronics, some eating houses across Walt Disney universe belongings ( rain forest cafe ) , Yak and Yeti. High monetary values such as nutrient ( burger monetary value in the park, like nutrient ticket monetary values, resorts and ware. Homogenization of ware such as each park holding their ain ware trade name. Walt Disney has some common jobs that deal with accounting related jobs with clients. ( 1 ) If you lost your billfold this is one of the common jobs that travellers run into on their holiday, hotfooting around from topographic points all over the park can invariably recovering recognition cards, hotel keys park ticket and fast passe . If you lost your billfold and it was non found at the counter, so you can reach at the counter, so if your belonging do n’t get so you can go forth your personal information so that person can reach you for your personal points. ( 2 ) A kid that merely threw up, which might go on at anytime during the drive or on the drive or possibly on the side walk, in a pool or eating house. Due to the exciting drives in the park, some childs after they eat ca n’t manage a rich diet or the hot conditions, so that causes them to purge. In this instance a Disney employee is notified by a client so that it can be cleaned up from walk-ways so that it wants do a law-suit of some kind. The ( 3 ) job is acquiring into battles with other clients in the park. These cause a batch of tenseness for the childs and parents and employees and attacks the crowds and do the clients to kick and ne’er come back to the park. If person is holding a medical exigency contact an employee this will do for Disney non to hold any struggle with decease or anything. And the eventually measure into work outing a job is if your kid get lost while going, reach a reprehensive can do from nobbling. Disney land is a subject park located in Florida which is located in, Orlando it ‘s owned and operated by the Walt Disney Park and resorts division. Disney land is known when it opened in 1955 on July 18, It is the lone subject park to be built and designed and built under supervising of Walt Disney. In 1988 the subject park was rebranded in Disney Land Park to separate it from the larger Disney land resort composite. Walt came up with the construct of Disneyland after sing assorted amusement Parkss with his girls in the 1930s and the fortiess. He visited different attractive forces. He besides envisioned a tourer attractive force adjacent to his studios in Burbank to entrain his fans, nevertheless he noticed that it was excessively little. In1953 he bought 160 estates near an Anaheim. The building began in 1954, and it was unveiled on July 17, 1955. Disneyland was an undergo of a figure of enlargements and redevelopments including some new add-on to New Orleans square in 196. They bought out some new add-on in 1966, which was Bear Country known as Critter County, and in 1972 Mickey Toontown was created. Disney Orlando was built on the original sight of the Disney land and opened in 2001. Disney land has more attending than any other park in the universe. Since it opened in 2001 it has had near to 600 million visitants and in 2009 it has had over 15.9 visitants. Unlike Disney World in Florida but the Disney land in Hong Kong China is one of their rivals. Hong Kong Disney Land is one of the first subject Parkss inside the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and both of the m are owned by and managed by the Hong Kong International subject park. Hong Kong Disney land is the 5th Magic Kingdom subject Park to be located on the penny Bay and Lantau island. The park opened on the 12 of September in 2005. Disney attempted to avoid jobs covering with civilization and trying to integrate Chinese civilization, imposts and traditions when they came up and get down constructing the resort. By making a paseo near the entryway of the Hong Kong was good to the proprietor because it conveying “ Chi ” which mean energy. The park has four themed Disney subject Parkss, 1 on chief street, USA, Fantasy Land Adventure land and Tomorrowland. The subject Parks has fun different dramatis personae members which speak different linguistic communications which are English, Chinese including Cantonese and Mandarin idiom, Besides around the park gives out map that have different printed traditional and simplified Chinese every bit good as English and Nipponese. The land of Disney land has eight themed countries that host stores, eating houses, unrecorded amusement and attractive forces. The 9th country in the park is called the Holidayland which is a picnic country which was operated between 1957 and 1961 it is frequently called the doomed land. The first country is Main Street U.S.A. which is a typical Midwest town of the early twentieth century. Walt discovered this as a kid in his hometown of Marceline, Missouri. Main street is a reminiscent of the Victorian period of American with the train station, town square, film theatre, metropolis hall, fire house completed with a steam powered pumped engine, department store, stores, arcades, double- Dekker coach, horse-drawn tram, buss and others. Main Street is besides place to the Disney art gallery and the Opera house which showcases Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Besides there are many stores which include a confect shop, jewellery and ticker store, a silhouette station a shop that sells Disney collectible points. Inspired by the Main Street U.S.A in Florida the Hong Kong Disney land Main Street are about indistinguishable. Hong Kong Main Street serves as the entryway of the park. It has a eating house under the Hong Kong Disneyland railway station. Even though it is really similar to Anaheim ‘s chief street this street is to a great extent influenced by European immigrants. The place has the same exterior design as the one in Orlando but the subject is really affluent American twosome who traveled to china. Disney World which is in Orlando is a land to make dream worlds. The attractive forces include opening twenty-four hours ‘s jungle sail the temple of the out oculus in Indiana Jones, Adventure and Tarzans Treehouse which is a transition of the earlier Swiss household Robinson movie. Walt Disney Enchanted Tiki Room which is located at the entryway to Adventureland. Hong Kong Adventureland is the biggest among all Disney Parkss and characteristic a big island country to Tarzan ‘s Treehouse, which that is circled by the jungle sail. Fantasy land in Anaheim was styled in a mediaeval European fairground manner, but its 1983 renovation turned into a Bavarian small town. The attractive force includes several dark drives, which is the King Arthur Carrousel and the assorted kids drives. The Fantasyland in Hong Kong features kiping Beauty Castle and the phantasy garden where the costumed Disney characters can be seen. Tomorrowland in Anaheim attractive force have been designed to give the client an chance to take part in escapades that are a living design of the hereafter. The attractive force includes Rocket to the Moon, Astro Jets and Autopia subsequently the Submarine Voyage was added. Tomorrowland is the newest in Hong Kong and it opened in September 12, 2005. Like the American version of tomorrow characteristics an accent on metallic trim, with tonss of bluish and violet chromaticities. Hong Kong has some Criticisms jobs which are overcrowding in the park. Just before the park opened it met its limited to the capacity. The Hong Kong authorities put force per unit area on the them. Some of Disneyland board of managers in Orlando are Arnold Director since 2007, John E. Bryson Director since 2000, John S. Chen Director since 2004, Steve Jobs Director since 2006, Robert W. Matschullat Director since 2002, Judith L. Estrin Director since 1998, Fred HLAnhammer Director since 2005, John E. Pepper, Jr. Chairman of board since January 2007, Aylwin B. Lewis Director since 2004, Robert A. Iger Director since 2000, Aylwin B. Lewis Director since 2004, Sherly Sandberg Director since 2006. The board of Director for Hong Kong are TSANG Chun Wah, John which is the president of HKITP board of managers since December 2009, and he ‘s the fiscal secretary, Hong knog particular Administrative Region Government. The member of the board are AU SIu Cheung Albert which is the independent Non-Executive Director of HKIP, Chairman and CEO of BDO limited, Professor K.C. CHSN which is the secretary for fiscal services and the exchequer, Hong Kong particular Administrative part authorities. CHOI Man Yee, Betty which is the senior Vice president, Regional Counsel, Asia Pacific Legal Affairs, The Walt Disney company, William T. ERNEST the president and managing manager, Walt Parkss and resorts Asia, James S. HUNT executive Vice president and Chief Financial Officer, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, LAM CHENG Yuet Ngor, Carrie the secretary for development, Hong Kong particular Administrate part authorities, LAU NG Wai Lan, Rita Secretary for commercialism and Economic Development, Hong Kong particular Administrative Region Government, Yung Wai Hung, Philip commissioner for touristry, Hong Kong particular Administrative Region authorities. Some president and main Executive Officers of Walt Disney land in Anaheim is Alan Braverman, senior Executive Vice president, General Counsel and secretary. Ronald L. Iden Senior Vice President, Global Security. Kevin Mayer Executive frailty president, corporate scheme concern development and engineering group. Christine M. McCarthy executive Vice president, corporate finance and existent estate and hoarded wealths. Zenia Mucha Executive frailty president, corporate communications. Jayne Parker Executive frailty president and main Human resources of officers. Jay Rasulo Senior executive frailty president and main fiscal officer. Brent Woodford senior frailty president, planning and control. The concern unit Andy Bird, president Walt Disney International. George W. Bodenheimer- Co-chairman, Disney Media Networks and president, ESPN, Inc. and ABC athleticss. Andrew P. Mooney president, Disney consumer merchandises Worldwide. Rich Ross Chairman, the Walt Disney Studios. Thomas O. Staggs- Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Anne Sweeney- Co-Chairman, Disney Network and president, Disney ABC Television Group. John Pleasants- Co-President, Disney synergistic media group and general Manager, playdom. James Pitaro- Co- president synergistic Media group. Parks and Regulation for both of the Parkss have some similarities and differences Disney land in Anaheim Park and ordinances are by holding a safety squad they have Imaginers who apply advanced safety engineerings to our attractive forces to the Security Cast Members who patrol our belongingss in vehicles, on bikes and on pes 24 hours a twenty-four hours. They have designed a safely belt that Disney designed and developed a “ smart ” place belt that ‘s linked to the control system of dynamic thrill drives such as the dinosaur attractive force at Disney ‘s Animal Kingdom subject Park. The place belt features a particular pull-strap leting Guests to corroborate that their belts, which must be secured before a drive vehicle can travel, are plugged in decently. Under normal ride conditions, one time the place belt is locked and the drive begins to travel, a invitee can non unlock the belt until the drive vehicle Michigans. Secure Station and Gatess which the resort have installed state-of the-art station Gatess designed to put a safety barrier between Guests in a ride-loading zone and traveling vehicles on attractive forces. The station Gatess are linked to an attractive force ‘s control system and open automatically one time a vehicle has come to a halt and is ready for get oning. Operating- Managed Motions which they have installed over 90 operator-managed gesture drive control consoles. Those ride consoles feature winking indexs and standardised gesture control buttons. For illustration, when the invitees boards the ( it ‘s a little universe ) attractive force drive vehicle, the drive operator can easy maintain the gesture index in his or her field of vision while concentrating on Guests as they board. Safely Technology regulations, these regulations are found on each single drive Redundant Brakes designed to safely halt drive vehicles even if the primary brake system fails. Double Ride-Control Systems that allow certain attractive forces to run merely if both systems “ agree ” that monitored conditions for safe drive operation have been satisfied. Monitored Seat Belts that aid place keeping devices that may non be decently secured. Excess Path Detectors that monitor vehicle velocity and location. Pressurized Tubular Track Rail that monitors the structural unity of the path. Automated Barriers, such as station Gatess, that provide a barrier for invitees to board vehicles or come ining the ride way prematurely. Anti-Rollback Mechanisms in paths and autos designed to halt vehicles on steep slopes from skiding backward. Multi-Screen Video Monitoring that provides designated Cast Members with assorted positions of ride vehicles.

Computerized Messaging Systems that supply ride information to operations, care and technology squads for trouble-shooting. Motor Controller Over velocity Detection that tracks the velocity of thrust motors and automatically close them down when they exceed acceptable speeds. Backup Power in instance of power failure. Disney Standards for Florida are Regulatory inadvertence by the Florida Division of Occupational Safety and Health, review of all registered amusement drives, both yearly and as-required by the province, and compulsory coverage by all lasting amusement Parkss of accidents affecting serious hurts on drives. They besides have seven different reviews that they go by every bit far as Disneyworld this takes topographic point every twelvemonth in each park for supervising conformity. ( 1. ) Annual drive review each twelvemonth every drive that is registered receives a comprehensive review with the province so that it is operated decently. Annual Operating Audits which are conducted by applied scientists and qualified inspectors from Disney ‘s Quality Assurance Team for all registered attractive forces. Audited accounts are performed in cooperation with care, operations and preparation direction and concentrate on the three key

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elements of safe attractive force operations: preopening processs, the day-to-day checklist and preparation. Annual Documentation Audits in add-on to one-year drive reviews and operations audits, the quality confidence squad conducts elaborate one-year audits of the attractive force certification. The audits review certification required under the ordinances of each of the provinces in which they operate, every bit good as American Society of Testing and Materials criterions. Records for each point requires preventive care, reviews, disciplinary work, fabrication activity and operations checklists are reviewed in item. The reappraisals besides extend to basic regulating

certification, such as attractive force runing ushers, maker ‘s demands manuals,

care manuals and similar stuffs. Last but non least is Quality control which is inside the cardinal stores, where they make and maintain a assortment of drives and attractive forces, Inspectors from the Quality Assurance Team reappraisal purchased parts and execute in procedure and concluding reviews of the parts they manufacture. All critical parts are inspected prior to installing on an attractive force. Hong Kong receives Hong Kong Disneyland eating houses received awards in the Catering Industry Safety Award Program. The Royal Banquet Hall was awarded a Gold award in the ( fast nutrient stores functioning Chinese and general classs of nutrient ) subcategory, while the Starliner Diner was awarded the Bronze award in the ( fast nutrient stores functioning Western nutrient ) subcategory. Cast Members from these eating houses were recognized for safety and wellness conditions every bit good as their occupational safety and wellness cognition. Hong Kong Parks and ordinances. All individuals, bags, packages and other points may be capable to security cheques at the point of admittance to the Park and at such other locations inside the Park as we consider appropriate. We reserve the right non to let any bag, package or other point to be brought into the Park, and to cover with any unattended object in such manner as we consider appropriate. Please show common courtesy to fellow Park Guests and our Cast Members. Make non utilize profanity or engage in insecure, illegal or violative behaviour. Please respect chap Park Guests while waiting for attractive forces, shows, characters and parades. Please be careful non to knock into, push or travel in front of others in the waiting line. Besides, the full party must wait together. Members of a party are non allowed to fall in those already in the waiting line. Proper attire – including places and shirts – must be worn at all times while sing the Park. Smoke is allowed in designated smoke countries merely. These undermentioned points are non allowed in the park the sale of goods or services or the show of goods or services for sale. The distribution of printed stuffs of any sort. Unauthorized events, presentations or addresss and other unauthorised public assemblages. The show of any flag, streamer or other emblem. Photography, videotaping, entering of any sort, broadcast or transmittal for commercial intents. Prosecuting in any act that may hinder the operation of the Park or any associated installation. Business criterions and moralss are the same for both Parkss which is the ethical criterions Responsibility to Guests and Customers Quality The Walt Disney Company and its subordinate and attached companies ( jointly the “ Company ) are recognized around the universe as suppliers of high-quality amusement of all sorts, including movies, telecasting shows, attractive forces, consumer merchandises, shops and resorts. It is the duty of all Cast Members and employees who come in contact with the invitees and clients to be gracious, to be knowing about our merchandises and services, and to assist our invitees and clients enjoy the highest quality experience we can supply. Further, all Cast Members and employees who create the merchandises and services that we sell must ever endeavor to make the best they can to make things we are proud to place with the Company. Guest Safety the wellness, safety and public assistance of the invitees and clients are of paramount importance to the Company. These can non be sacrificed to fiscal ends, inattention or anything else. We are committed to planing, edifice, operating and keeping attractive forces, merchandises and installations that meet the high criterions we have set for ourselves. All of us portion the duty for doing invitees experience safe and secure. Duty to Cast Members and Employees the dramatis personae members and employees is the basis of the company ‘s thaumaturgy. The Company and its direction are committed to handling all Cast Members and employees with equity, self-respect and regard. We strive to supply our Cast Members and employees with a challenging, exciting and carry throughing environment. Professional Development they are committed to holding our dramatis personae members and employees develop and advance professionally in a mode consistent with their abilities. Although hard determinations may originate in hiring, measuring public presentation, advancing, training or ending cast members and employees, the company expects such duties to be carried out with equity, discretion and regard for privateness, every bit good as compassion for the persons involved. Safety the Company is committed to supplying a safe working environment for all its dramatis personae members and employees. Diversity Walt Disney seeks to be multicultural, tapping the alone endowments and potency of every member of our diverse work force. Disney Land ends are to pull and prolong a work force that reflects our invitees and clients, concern spouses, stockholders, labour markets and communities in which we do concern, and keep a workplace that reflects unfastened chance, where everyone is advantaged by their possible and no 1 is disadvantaged by their belonging to a peculiar group. Teamwork and Communications Disney land is committed to supplying unfastened, free and effectual channels of communicating among cast members and employees, and between cast members, employees and the company ‘s direction. Not merely does unfastened communications foster teamwork and ease a healthy working environment, but such free and unfastened channels, both within sections and divisions, every bit good as between divisions, promote synergism and enable the company as a whole to recognize greater possible than the amount of its single concerns. Respect for the Individual a work environment in which all cast members and employees are afforded the regard that they deserve, free of any favoritism or torment. No favoritism on the footing of race, faith, colour, sex, sexual orientation, national beginning, age, matrimonial position, covered veteran position, disablement, gestation, or any other footing prohibited by applicable jurisprudence will be allowed. The company expects cast members and employees to handle each other with the same self-respect and regard that they expect from the Company. The Legal Standards In add-on to the ethical criterions which govern every dramatis personae member and employee, the jurisprudence imposes more specific and limited duties that everyone is required to obey. This subdivision attempts to place in drumhead signifier legal demands that by and large apply to all dramatis personae members and employees. Antitrust Laws the Company, and each Cast Member and employee moving on its behalf, will follow with the antimonopoly Torahs of the United States and all other legal powers in which we conduct concern. The United States, most U.S. provinces and many international legal powers have antimonopoly or competition Torahs applicable to our Company ‘s concern. The Company will vie to the full and reasonably in each of the markets in which it operates. The antimonopoly Torahs provide a model for specifying full and just competition. Each Cast Member and employee must understand and run within this model at all times. Failure to make so could subject the Company and responsible Cast Members and employees to imprisonment, significant condemnable mulcts, and civil fiscal liability. The antimonopoly Torahs prohibit understandings that unreasonably restrain competition. This prohibition includes understandings with anyone, including rivals, clients and providers, which unreasonably restrain trade. Such understandings can be reflected in silent apprehensions, unwritten committednesss, or written contracts ; if they have the specified, inauspicious consequence on competition, they are prohibited. Certain types of understandings may be prohibited as a affair of jurisprudence. No cast member or employee should of all time come in into any such understanding or apprehension. These are understandings to repair monetary values, understandings between or among rivals to decline to cover with a client or a provider, to split districts or clients, and agreements that tie two merchandises together so that one will non be sold without the other. Exclusive covering agreements and licencing agreements that restrict the range or footings of resale of the accredited merchandises may besides raise issues under the antimonopoly Torahs. The Corporate Legal Department must be consulted if there is any inquiry about whether an understanding may fall into any of these classs. The antimonopoly Torahs prohibit monopolisation or the effort to monopolise a market. A monopoly is the power to command monetary values or to except competition. High market portions are frequently considered to be declarative of a monopoly. It is legal to achieve or keep monopoly power by virtuousness of a superior merchandise or superior concern accomplishment. It is non legal, nevertheless, to extinguish rivals wilfully or to utilize lawfully obtained monopoly power below the belt. The difference between vigorous competition, which is encouraged by the antimonopoly Torahs, and the unlawful acquisition or care of a monopoly, which is prohibited, is frequently a affair of grade. The Company does non believe that it presently has monopoly power in any market in which it operates, but executives responsible for puting competitory policy should confer with with the Corporate Legal Department whenever they operate in a market where it might be argued that the Company has, or could obtain, monopoly power. A company can be guilty of trying to monopolise a market even when it does non hold monopoly power. One factor tribunals look to is whether a company monetary values its merchandises below cost in an attempt to drive out rivals. The manner the tribunals examine cost alterations from clip to clip and from tribunal to tribunal. If the Company ‘s merchandises are to be priced below their entire cost ( other than in a sale of disused ware ) , the facts should be discussed with the Corporate Legal Department. The antimonopoly Torahs have regulations regulating bear downing different monetary values for the same merchandise. It is sometimes illegal to bear down different monetary values to different clients for the same merchandise. Whether such a pattern is illegal depends on the specific facts and fortunes, including whether the clients are at different degrees ( jobbers v. retail merchants ) , whether the costs to the Company are different ( because of volume or other factors ) , whether the lower monetary value is offered to run into competition, and whether the lower monetary value adversely affects competition. These regulations are proficient and frequently hard to use. Whenever it is anticipated that different monetary values will be charged to different clients for the same merchandise, the relevant facts and fortunes should be explained to the Corporate Legal Department so that it can rede on whether the pricing is consistent with current jurisprudence.