How cheese.Note: Store cheese in the wrapper

How many times it happened with you that you bought vegetables, eggs, milk boxes etc for complete week and most of it turned bad before you think to keep it or forgot where you kept in your fridge or they are hidden from your eyes and turned bad. I guess maximum time. But, do you know the reason why it happen? This is because of unorganized fridge, which make your veggies, fruits sit in the refrigerator and turn bad. According to the research we found that older stuffs go at back and newer come in, boxes got stuck while keeping in the form of stack and many other. Well no more! because we bought some simple refrigerator management tips. In short you can say, you are doing MAKEOVER of your FRIDGE. It is not a rocket science, all you need is to spend a few extra minutes while storing your foods. This makeover will not only allow you to eat healthy and fresh food, it’ll also save you a couple bucks.
Below are quick tips to organize the same: –


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Bottom Shelf – All beverages.
Middle Shelf – Condiments .
Top Shelf – Eggs, butter and cheese.Note: Store cheese in the wrapper up papers. Also, don’t store the milk canes here as there is separate place for the same.

Bottom Shelf– This is the coldest place in your refrigerator. So the foods that require immediate cooking should go in the lower shelf such as Raw meats and poultry, fish, milk and other dairy items.
Middle Shelves – In this session of the fridge you can store all leftovers, cheese, eggs, breads & cold cuts as the temperature is much consistent here.  
Upper Shelf – The temperature in the upper shelf is the most consistent that is why it’s the best place to store leftovers. Also the ready to eat foods, fruits, and herbs should be stored in the upper shelf.
Freezer– This place is meant for the Frozen vegetables/ meat and other sensitive items such as ice-cream.Note: Don’t keep them standing lay them flat to minimum freeze burn. Also, pack them tightly as plastic packing works good in the freezer.
Vegetable Crisper– This part of the fridge is meant to store vegetable. But make sure you store them separately. Now if your fridge doesn’t have a crisper, the lower shelves are the best place to store your veggies but in the fridge basket and label the same for your convenience.