How to Made Ice Cream Essay

Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in the world, especially on hot summer days. Ice cream is among those few items that are always loved to eat by people from any age group. Did you know that about 90% of American households eat ice cream? In this presentation, I’ll explain what main ingredients are in ice cream and how ice cream is made. I’ll be happy to take your questions when I’m finished. OK, let’s get started.

The first stage of ice cream manufacturing is the ingredients choosing and mixing stage. During this stage, the ingredients are selected, weighed, and then mixed together. The main ingredients of ice cream are milk, cream, butter, sugar, flavours and colours. Other key ingredients in ice cream include chocolate, nuts, fruits and various types of confectionery. Which ingredients are used depends on the recipe.

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Once the basic ingredients have passed the required quality tests, they are combined into an ice cream mix. The second stage is the pasteurizing and homogenizing stage. During this stage, the ice cream mix is pasteurized to ensure there is no chance of harmful bacteria present. Then, the ice cream mix is also homogenized to ensure the ingredients in the mix are converted into a smooth, creamy blend ready for ageing and freezing. The next stage, or the third stage, is the ageing stage.

Cooled liquid ice cream mix is held overnight in a refrigerated holding tank where the temperature of 0-5 °C is maintained. Ageing process will improve the body and texture of the ice cream, and also increases melting resistance. The final stage of ice cream manufacturing is the freezing and packaging stage. After completing the ageing process, the ice cream mix is pumped into a flavor tank where any liquid flavors, fruit purees, or colors are added. The mix then enters the dynamic freezing process.

When the ice cream is frozen to the required consistency, it is transferred to the packages of desired sizes and immediately placed in cold storage rooms. That completes the ice cream-manufacturing process: choosing and mixing the ingredients, pasteurizing and homogenizing the ice cream mix, ageing the ice cream mix, and finally, freezing and packaging ice cream. If you’d like to learn more, I recommend reading The Science of Ice Cream by Chris Clarke. Thank you. We have a few minutes left. I’ll be glad to take your question now.