Hsm/240 Week 3 Checkpoint Essay

Resource: Ch. 3 of Social Policy and Social Programs Write a 300-word analysis of a program sponsored by the same agency or organization you used in the Week One CheckPoint. Use the six fundamental policy elements described in Ch. 3 as a guide. Keep in mind that a mission is different from goals and objectives. A mission is a statement of what the program is, why it exists, and the contributions it can make. It is usually short and concise, and describes a program’s reason for existing or its primary concern.

The National Campaign has an Entertainment Media program that they use to bring awareness to everyone, from teens and adults to policy makers, about unplanned pregnancies. According to “Entertainment Media, The National Campaign To Prevent Teen And Unplanned Pregnancy” (2012), “The goal of The National Campaign’s Entertainment Media program is to get messages about pregnancy prevention and consequences to our target audiences via the entertainment media they already like to consume.

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This includes television, magazines, websites, and blogs. We do this by cultivating relationships and partnerships with media leaders, educating them about our issues, supporting their efforts to include our issues, and collaborating with them to produce fresh, engaging, and relevant content. ” (para. 1). Currently, they support a number of television shows. One in particular called “High School Mom’s” is showing on the Discovery Fit & Health channel.

It is a new unscripted series about the young mothers enrolled at Denver’s Florence Crittenton High School, a high school that helps pregnant or parenting teen girls raise their kids while also earning a degree. By supporting this show The National Campaign hopes to show that even when an unplanned pregnancy happens there are ways to finish your degree and graduate. Reference Entertainment Media, The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. (2012). Retrieved from http://www. thenationalcampaign. org/media/media. aspx