cyclists who almost live and breathe used: Ergon, buy Ergon, Ergon singapore, Ergon GX2 White Carbon Grips, Ergon GE1 Slim GripsEfficient ergonomics for cyclists, by ErgonCycling is a great way of staying fit, and is known to be one of the most eco-friendly ways of travelling. It has recently picked popularity after seeing a bit of dump during the 2000s, and now people have started appreciating the sport, and realize that one can explore so much when going out for cycling. In order to go on weekend trekking or outdoor camping to a nearby site, one can always head on one’s cycles rather than taking cars, as one may not be able to absorb the beauty of the nature when locked up in a car. Ergon Singapore was hence established by engineers who were involved in cycling, as both a sport and a leisure activity. Biking involves a lot of ergonomics, to which, most of the amateurs do not pay much attention, but if ignored for a longer time, it can lead to pains in different body parts like wrists, ankles, knees or saddle. In order to avoid pains resulting from cycling, this is the brand that you should opt for. This team of cyclists who almost live and breathe cycling, started to learn the different points of pressures involved in cycling. They saw the huge gap that was prevalent in the cycling industry when it came to accessorising a bicycle, especially for a more comfortable ride. Hence, the company was formed, and they continue to manufacture different types of accessories like handles, seats etc. which make riding a bike a lot more comfortable. The Ergon GX2 White Carbon Grips, for example, are manufactured using cold forged aluminium and provide you with a better grip which is slim enough to help you with hand changes, especially while racing cross country trails. The grip is made with a lightweight compound and has a carbon tail at the end, for a more convenient hold so that the hand does not slip off the bar. The slim wing and slim diameter is extremely facilitating.Buy Ergon: designed for cyclists, by cyclists Since the company has experts who are themselves involved in the sport, their products are a result of their own experiences and difficulties, faced during cycling. This makes the products a lot more trusted as they have been tested rigorously before being launched. They help the cycling enthusiasts as well as professionals achieve a more convenient ride, irrespective of the distance to be travelled. The pressure points have been recognised and these products are meant to take care of them, all without compromising on the speed or performance of the cycle. You can explore the different varieties of products, like the Ergon GE1 Slim Grips, mountain bike bar ends, saddles, backpacks etc., on Lazada, and place your orders with ease, to be delivered at your doorstep. You also get nationwide free shipping and 14-day free returns on all purchases.Why choose Ergon?• High quality and durable cycle ergonomics• It makes cycling a lot more comfortable, while enhancing the speed• Built by cyclists who understand the sport inside out