Hyperbolic narration: magical realism Essay

Charming Realism is a term found by art historian Franz Roh in 1925, to depict a ocular humanistic disciplines motion emerging throughout Europe. It is known that a big figure of critical footings in literature are borrowed from painting. Charming Realism is one of those footings. The use of that technique leads the writer make the subjects and topics are more fanciful, bizarre and with a antic dream like quality.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who is the writer of ‘One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ‘ , does non wish to be considered a author of Magic Realism, even it is clear to see Magic Realism techniqu in his novel, he claims merely to be realist without much hyperbole in his work. He states, “ As the concluding judgement tallies, the beginning of all creative activity is world ” . In “ One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ” for illustration, the banana company treats its workers so severely that they all go on work stoppage. They gathered in the chief square of the town, where the authorities has them surrounded by soldiers armed with machine guns. When the crowed refuses to scatter, the order is given to open fire, and three 1000 people are killed. Their cadavers are, so, put into the trains and sent away to the sea, and the whole incident is officially denied to the point that Jose Arcadio Segundo finds it impossible to carry anyone that it has taken topographic point. For a European perceiver, the ability of a authorities to conceal such incidents is so incredible. However, in Latin America, every bit good in the most of the 3rd universe states, the state of affairs is still worse than can be imagined.

To the oculus of European and North American common sense, the calling of the Central character in “ One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ” Colonel Aureliano clearly belongs to the kingdom of thaumaturgy and phantasy and non of world. For, in the class of his calling he, “ Organized 30 two armed rebellions and he lost them all, he had 17 male kids by 17 different adult females and they were exterminated one after the other in a individual dark… he survived 14 efforts on his life, 70 three ambuscades and a fire squad. He lived through a drowse of strychnine in his java that was plenty to kill a Equus caballus. He refused the Order of Merit… He rose to be the commanding officer in head of the radical forces with legal power and bid from one boundary line to the other and the adult male most feared by the authorities… Although he ever fought at the caput of his work forces, the merely lesion that he received was the 1 he gave himself. He shot himself in the thorax with a handgun and the slug came out through his dorsum with out damaging any critical organ ” . ( M & A ; aacute ; rquez, 2003 )

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Early on in the novel, a cryptic misss arrives who either can non or will non talk and whom they call Rebecca. She brings with her the illness of insomnia of which the most awful portion, as an Indian adult female explains, “ was non the impossibleness of sleeping, for the organic structure did non experience any weariness at all, but its grim development towards a more critical manifestation ; a loss of memory. ” Melquiades, a adult male of letters discovered its redress but before him, Jose Arcadia has already invented a memory machine in which he has recorded about 14 1000 entries. World, in this manner, becomes a slave of dictionary as it refuses all possibility of alteration by get the better ofing the loss of memory.

It is non hard to number a figure of grounds for these seemingly unbelievable inside informations, which Gabriel Garcia Marquez provides in his work, but the most convincing one is, possibly the obvious mundane intent of enabling him to avoid censoring.

Marquez ‘ technique has besides been described as a sort of narrative ‘hyperbole ‘ which seeks to spread out the esthesia with which we perceive the universe we live in. In One Hundred Old ages of Solitude, Marquez ‘s characters are frequently endowed with a sort of supernatural power. Aureliano can see the hereafter. Remedios The Beauty is taken up into the clouds as a Godhead being. Melquiades survives decease, and corsets on Earth as a shade. Ursula chooses non to decease and lives for over a hundred old ages. In One Hundred Old ages ofnSolitude, if the declaration is strong plenty, nil can overmaster it. It is absolutely possible for people to hold power over even decease. The characters struggle to make and specify their ain universes, their battle is against clip, history and destiny. It could be said that Marquez ‘ gift of his characters with particular power is an illustration of our impotence against forces which remain outside our control. By traversing the boundary line of normal possibility, Marquez reminds us of the restrictions of our ain ‘real ‘ lives, but besides of the possibility of sing the universe in an wholly different manner. Marquez ‘s characters struggle to command, and to make their ain universe. It is through this act of creative activity that we can truly get away the forces in life over which we have no control. Marquez suggests that literature is the agencies by which we can derive apprehension of a world-view different from our ain, and hence an apprehension of our common humanity. While political relations and political orientation have the power to de-humanise, literature has the power to remind us of our humanity. Through imaginativeness, and art, we can be elevated from the limitations we face in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life, and we can besides be enlightened as to the true potency of our lives, and our ain single power to make and determine our ain fates.


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