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I was born and raised in Butuan City, just a 4 hours away from the Island of Siargao, often referred to as the ‘surfing capital of the Philippines. You would definitely love it whether you’re a surfer or not. 

So here’s what I did on my trip to Siargao island.

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Siargao is a very small island and it can easily be explored for a day. It’s cheaper if you know how to drive, rent a motorbike and just drive around the island whole day. 

We wanted to see the island’s less-beaten paths so we decided to rent a motorbike for 500php or $10 a day. We did the same thing on our first trip to Camiguin Island. 

After driving for 3 hours. We decided to see Magpupungko Beach. This is one of the picturesque swimming areas in Siargao. It took us an hour to get here from General Luna. What amazes me is you can walk effortlessly from the beach to the pool. The water is super clean and you can also jump from a cliff down to the water. 

Entrance fee is only 50php or $1 and you can rent cottages if you want. The 1 hour drive is definitely worth it. 

From Magpupungko Beach, we went all the way to Cloud 9 Surfing Tower. This is definitely the perfect place to relax and watch the sunset. I did enjoy watching the surfers for 2 hours. If you want to learn how to Surf, there are many surf instructors offering training in the Boardwalk. 


We spend the next morning island hopping in Siargao. The tour cost 1,000php or $30.11 for the three islands: Naked, Daku, and Guyam.

NAKED ISLAND is almost like a sandbar. There’s really nothing here and you can’t even find any trees, houses or cottages to rent. It’s very quite and a bit scary if you’re alone. 

DAKU ISLAND, on the other hand is the biggest(Daku) of all the 3 islands. You can find lots of cottages here where you can eat your breakfast or lunch and just relax. 
It’s very obvious that the coconuts here are very unique. You can see it here. 

GUYAM ISLAND has a lot of palm trees and very small. This was our last stop for our island hopping trip. We just walked around the island for 30 minutes and swam in the cool and clear water. 

We stayed at the white beautiful house for 7 days. It has 1 Queen size bed and 1 single bed. We really love the room so we decided to stay longer. We were welcomed by the Swiss Owner and his super cute and adorable dog, Balo. We call him our shadow bevy he’s always following us since Day 1. It is cute because we love having him with us all the time and give him treats. 

Here’s a video of Balo, following us in the water, he absolutely loves to go in the road or in the water with us. He’s so sweet and i missed him so much. He is the reason why I wanted to come back to Siargao. It’s been almost 2 years since we met him. 


There are lots of direct flights from Cebu to Siargao. There are also direct flights from Skyjet and Cebu Pacific from Manila. 

Airplane + Boat:
Flights are usually not cheap but a a cheaper option is to fly to Surigao City and from there, take a boat to Siargao Island. 

Montenegro Shipping Lines goes to Siargao from Surigao everyday at 12:00 and takes 3 hours to reach Dapa. 

From Siargao to Surigao City, you can take Montenegro Ferry from 6:00, 5:00 and 10:30.

There are some trip to Surigao from other parts of the Philippines but the most convenient is from Cebu. 

Cokailong Shipping Lines has a trip every Tuesday to Saturday from Cebu at 7pm. It only cost about 850php or $16 to Surigao so it’s definitely cheaper than airplane. 

Have you visited Siargao Island? Did you visit any of these locations?