I evidence to our never ending questions.

 I believe knowledge comes from experience. learning from others and knowing what you don’t know and wanting to know more.yet how do we gain answers to our questions so we have the knowledge we need? Well it says in paragraph two in the “Principles of Research” by Albert Einstein that the temple of science has three groups.The pillars,the Sports and the Altarians.The pillars support the temple leaving paths to escape when needed. the sports are proud of their work but their work does not have proof to it they are just thireys.The Altarians are the creeper’s trying every moment they can to weaken the evidence the pillars have gathered. the pillars are the foundation/support  to the temple if the pillars go down the temple will crumble and there would be no support of evidence to our never ending questions. we all have questions about the world around us we observe the world but we are always looking through a fishbowl.We try to tell apart whats reality and well dream land but what about multiple realities? That’s when the fishbowl comes to play in all this.The fishbowl is what we see in our reality but behind that fish bowl there is another and another and another we live in the 3rd dimension but there are also the 1st 2th 4th and 5th dimensions but most of the time we only see the big picture and not the little details though most of our thiereys are fake because we do not have the capacity to understand them or prove them so if we can’t prove that there are other dimensions how do we know they really exist?  “physicist Albert Einstein showed that time is an illusion; it is relative — it can vary for different observers depending on your speed through space. To Einstein, time is the “fourth dimension.” Space is described as a three-dimensional arena,”cited http://www.space.com/21675-time-travel.html    People draw a picture of the world around them.they go into their mind to escape from there problems there worries and there fears of what may happen but there are also those who go in there mind to think to marvel at the world around them who try to understand that world and want to find answers.we all want knowledge some more than others we need it to grow to live to be apart of society we all are searching for answers without knowledge and curiosity our questions would never be answered By:Kylie Taylor Date:1/30/18Class:biology