I experience made me realize that Johnson

I have contacted two
current Johnson MBA students, Allison Bian (MBA 18′) and Lamia Bashar (MBA
19′). This precious experience made me realize that Johnson is my perfect fit.

I value intimacy among people. Allison and Lamia were particularly cooperative
by answering my questions and offered professional career advice. I could feel
their strong sense of belonging to the school, and would relish being part of
the Johnson community in which every student is not only a like-minded
individual, but also contributes to and engages with the community.

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Allison and I share
similarities. We both studied undergraduate degrees at the University of Hong
Kong and are interested in management consulting. During our Skype
conversation, Allison shared her recent experiences at the Cornell
Entrepreneurship Summit where she was inspired by entrepreneurs with innovative
ideas and the self-assurance to pursue their dreams. She also shared her understanding
of the BR Venture Fund and her summer internship experience in consulting, as
well as her familiarity with working alongside classmates in team projects and
group discussions. I distinguished her sense of satisfaction with the better
individual she is now, after the inevitable ups and downs over one-and-a-half-years.

Her experience made me realize that every person is influenced and is an influencer.

Everyone has a unique story, and every challenge we encounter is a lesson to
learn. This is our individuality that we should not hide, but share, since no
one can steal our experience, but together we will shine and gather more
memorable ones.


Johnson is an
environment where I can meet numerous professionals from cosmopolitan
backgrounds and share diverse perspectives, spark creative ideas, and really
make things happen. I can offer my valuable experience working in the family
business, which has provided insights into the distinctive challenges family
businesses face, including family traditions, culture, and interests. I hope to
share the challenges I faced and explore these issues with classmates who have
similar circumstances or are simply interested in the complexities of managing
and consulting a family business. Joining the Johnson Family business club and
playing a leadership role is one of my plans to achieve this goal. I also wish
to start a blog on recent family business related issues to cultivate
engagement in the Johnson Family.


My conversation with
Lamia on her daily life engaging with various student bodies has confirmed my
interest in studying in Johnson’s diversified yet collaborative environment. I
admire that Johnson and Cornell University as a whole, uphold the values of
diversity and inclusion. I want to inspire more female leaders in Johnson and
the community, just as I was inspired by my mother, my role model, and professional
and personal and mentor. I am eager to take a leadership role in the Women’s Management
Council, where I can share my experiences in NGOs and voluntary work where I
learned the values of community and the power of diversity. In addition, I hope
to organize social events to foster gender equality and empowerment of women.