I property, but at the same time

I have chosen this article about the relationship
between religion and money. The reason that I chose this article was because it
caught my eye. I am interested in how religion has used money. At first “they
used food in some sacrificial communion rituals, and in some cultures money was
used in place of food during rituals” (Pentland, 2014). What is rather
interesting was that money was “originally a sacred device that was created by
the religious authority to facilitate the exchange of necessities in a society
that was also expanding” (Pentland, 2014).

I was researching to find an article for this essay, I came across all kinds of
articles and this article by far caught my eye. Both religion and money play a
big part in society. Society as whole would not be able to run as we know it.
“Money was originally intended as a means of recognizing that human beings have
rights to property, but at the same time no human or family is completely
self-sufficient” (Pentland, 2014).

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authors point of this article I believe is show us that money had played a
bigger role in religion in the early days then we first thought. Early on money
had played a key role in religion then it does now. It seems like religion has
no part in money nowadays. Money does play a role in church in the sense that
churches pass a collection plate around during church services. Everyone knows
of Jesus and he was telling the man who “asked about eternal life”, Jesus read
the man the ten commandments and “told him that he should sell all his
possessions and give it to the poor” (Pentland, 2014).

can bring out the worst in people, but at the same time money can do some good
for the homeless and for people who don’t have very much. The author was also
trying to tell that that any amount of riches is a “barrier to our own
spiritual growth” (Pentland. 2014). I had a vague sense that money played some
kind or role in religion. This article I think is an informative read and I
would recommend it for other people to read. The article really opened my eyes
because before I had no idea that money even played a role in religion. Now I
realize that money played a bigger role then before. At the same time, it seems
that money doesn’t mean as much as it did.

author states that “due to the sacred origin of money that the solutions to the
problems the both religion and money can not be found” (Pentland). The only way
to achieve a solution to found “by reinstating a person’s relationship with money”
by educating them again as “a measure of their individual relationships” (Pentland,
2014). Money will always play a key role in everything that we do, and the does
include religion. Some people might not think that there is not a relationship
between money and religion, but there is a bigger relationship then most people

this article is an interesting read because it talks about the relationship
that religion and money has. Before I had read the article, I didn’t know that
there was an actual relationship between money and religion. This article has opened
eyes to the relationship between money and religion. Another thing that I learned
from reading the article that the relationship between money and religion wasn’t
as black and white as people thought, it is more of a gray area. The hope that
I have is that this article is as interesting as it was to me, to the people
that read it in the future.