I semester). I also mentored him in

I have known him since 2014, when I assayed his
academic progress in his assignments and examinations. He has been my student
in classes of Web Technology (V semester), Multimedia Development (VI semester)
and Computer Games (VIII semester). I also mentored him in his minor project.  

I access him as a sincere and
industrious student on the ground of performance in his academics. He
distinguished himself from the rest of the students by exhibiting exemplar
communication and social skills. His continuous and detailed discussions
challenged his peers to look at things from newer perspectives. Shubham
possesses just the right attitude that enables him to learn, understand and
think out of the box when it comes to academics. This quality has always
clearly reflected in the enthusiasm with which he participates during classes,
eager to acquire more knowledge.I
mentored him in his minor project, Player Valuation in IPL Auction (7th
Semester) which
is the practical implementation of the research paper published in
International Conference on Contemporary computing. The Application demonstrated
his strong analytics power by processing huge dataset of player records to predict
pattern and relationships to solve problem through data analysis using data
mining tool. He further extended his project by implementing complete auction
process using networking and managing different team sessions at the same time
keeping timer in sync. The complete application was hosted on Amazon AWS cloud,
which shows his interest in subjects like cloud computing.Over
the course of his under graduate program, he has worked on many projects, which
have always reflected his clarity of goals, sound knowledge of the fundamentals
as well as his abilities to apply concepts in practical situations. I remember
his exemplar work on a C/C++ project in which he developed a comprehensive
two-player chess game using only this basic language.

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from handling academic projects, he was also the part of development team,
working under my supervision in developing ios application named ‘JAttend’
which is an Attendance viewer for college students. With his creative bent of
mind and a strong technical
knowledge base, he had proved as a valuable addition to the team.Outside
academics, he has also established himself as a tireless learner. I have
observed him enthusiastically participating in various workshops on, Android
Development and Java. In the 2014 fest of the college, he successfully ensured
safety and security of faculty, students, artists and other visitors. He was also given a Certificate of
Excellence for discussing unique ideas at an Entrepreneurship summit in 2015