I Through these activities, various group and

I am writing to express my keen interest in
Educational Leadership and Policy at Beijing Normal University. I am very
enthusiastic about beginning a career in education administration, aiming to
contribute to the improvement of curriculum design and system of education in
my country. I firmly believe that this program will help me to fulfill my
personal and professional goals.       

I graduated from Qafqaz University with a
bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature Teacher in 2016 which is
one of the most prestigious universities in Azerbaijan. With my studious
efforts and effective study strategies, I achieved a high overall GPA
(95.25/100). My intense interest in the faculty of education was first aroused
during undergraduate studies at university and the topics covered particularly
methodology, pedagogy, educational psychology, research methods and principles
of general education curriculum increased my enthusiasm to continue my further
education choosing this field.

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During university years I expanded my
knowledge substantially through enjoying various works of literature. By
studying in English-taught program, I managed to improve my English as well. I
have succeeded in publishing several articles and translations in the Journal of
Qafqaz University and in the books titled “Selections from English language
history”, “Modern American and English stories”. Besides my studies, I have
also engaged in extracurricular activities such as volunteering in the first
European Games and participating in intellectual games and competitions. By
involvement in young teachers club at university, I thoroughly enjoyed working
voluntarily at local schools before my internship. Through these activities,
various group and individual projects I have developed skills such as working
independently, as well as within a team, critical thinking, problem-solving and
decision making which helped me take a giant step towards reaching my goals and
to face the academic challenges awaiting me in the future.

After graduation, I undertook a work
experience opportunity at Kaspi Education Company which is one of the largest
education companies in Azerbaijan. I worked with primary and secondary school
children and learned the ways to improve my teaching, including how to
implement successful lesson planning, how to maintain classroom discipline
effectively, and how to deal with students with different learning styles. I
taught lessons with great enthusiasm and ebullience through games and
activities such as role-play, debate and word association. Additionally, for
the past five months, I have been working as a teacher assistant at Kaspi
International Kindergarten which is the member of International Preschool
Curriculum. Therefore, the opportunity to collaborate with foreign teachers
allowed me with the possibility to gain international and practical knowledge
through their unique teaching methodology. During the lessons, I observed
children’s behaviors, their engagement with materials, activities and adapted
teaching strategies.

At the heart of my career aims is my
intense desire to make a positive change in the shape of education and to be a
leading, innovative educational leader in Azerbaijan. Moreover, I am eager to
work with students, to develop each individual child’s learning potential, to
motivate and inspire curiosity, independence, and love of learning, to aspire
them to become a productive member of our community and the wider world. As we
have a great necessity for highly professional education experts, I aim to
master my field and work in Azerbaijan Ministry of Education or in
international organizations to face academic challenges and create positive
change in the education system of my country. I am also planning to start my PhD
studies after Master’s degree within the same field at your university.

Good reputation of high quality education
standards, highly relevant master’s studies, and opportunity to meet future
challenges are the best factors which ultimately lead me to choose China for
post-graduate studies. My interest towards this field increased by finding out
the fact that, your program supported by the Institute of International
Education, Stockholm University. I am applying to your program because I
strongly believe that this master’s program and the academic environment of
your university will help me deepen my understanding of the fundamental areas
of Educational Leadership and Policy, such as management and leadership skills,
organizing, planning, research methods and reinforce my knowledge to develop
into professional in the field of education. I am aspired to become a
successful educational leader and really looking forward to expanding my
knowledge and specializing in this field.