I village. Each day, I would go

I could hear my heart pounding through my chest. Sweat dripped down my forehead as I used my sleeve to wipe it off. The sky was rather dark considering it was only 4 o’clock in the afternoon in December. It also did not help that the clouds had rolled in. As I walked, I began to feel raindrops bounce off the top of my head and shoulders. I guess the weatherman was right after all. Just as expected, a wall of rain passed over the pines that surrounded me, making it nearly impossible to see where I was headed. I knew where I was. I had walked myself straight into the woods outside of village. My name is Olivia, I moved here when I was 8, work purposes. I never wanted to move here but my parents did not have any other option. And due to their busy work schedules and the fact that I have no siblings, I have had to find ways to keep myself busy. It was not until I was about 14 that I realized I could explore the wooded areas outside the village. Each day, I would go further and further out. I never had any set paths, I just walked wherever the land would let me. About a year later, I had found the perfect tree to build a fort in. That is where I spent most of my time. That is where I was headed today. Or at least where I thought I was headed. Every now and then I would get lost and end up wondering around the surrounding area until it was time for me to head back to the village. Today was not that kind of day. Something else was going to happen. After about 5 minutes of walking in the rain, I hear a rustling noise come from the bushes beside me. Thinking it must have just been the wind, I continued to walk. I could not have advanced more than fifteen steps when I heard it again. This time, I slowed down to a stop and looked over towards the noise. That is when I caught a glimpse of something. Something unusual. I must have been hallucinating because I saw a single fiery red eye and what seemed like red hair, the kind that belongs to a human. Confused and a little scared, I turned around to escape back to the village as I assured myself it must have just been a fox. As I paced myself, I had the intense fear in the back of my mind that, whatever it was, was still following me, still rustling in the bushes and crunching twigs with each step it took.At this point the paranoia grew stronger so I hastened my pace. I just wanted to get back and forget about all of this. Within seconds, the rain was so relentless, the sound of it had blurred into one loud whirring noise, causing me to become drenched and I could not hear my own feet pounding on the ground beneath me or the sound of my heavy breathing. Thankfully, I did not have much longer to go. Soon enough, I would be behind the safety of my own front door.Eventually I made it. I opened the front door to my home and stepped inside where I was greeted with the sensation of warmth and safety. Yet even though I thought I was safe, I still could not shake the fear that had, just moments ago, completely overwhelmed me. I rushed up the stairs to my bathroom down the hall, closing and locking the door behind me. I squeezed out of my cold and drenched close before stepping into the steamy shower. At that moment, I felt calm once more. After stepping out of the shower, I wrapped myself in a dry towel and walked out into the hallway. In the corner of my eye, I saw what I thought was something rush by the window beside the bathroom door. Upon further inspection, I had noticed claw marks on the glass, like someone had tried to get inside. Feeling chilled to the bone, I hurried to my bedroom to phone the police, except the storm had knocked out the signal. I slipped into a pair of clean clothes before descending down the stairs to the main room. Turning the corner to the main room, I noticed that the front door had been blown open. Panicked, I shut the door and locked it once more. “What if someone was taking advantage of the storm and is trying to break in?” I whispered to myself. I tried to ease my nerves by thinking it is just the storm and that nothing is wrong. No one who would do that lives in my village. It may be old and small, but the people here have everything they need. Except that never worked, it just made me more fearful. What if the thing that is trying to break in is not from here. I began to tremble where I stood, feeling horror-stricken that someone who might want to harm me is inside the same home as me. I glanced out of the window in the living room to see if the rain had let up at all. I thought I might be able to drive down to the police station and ask for help. However, the rain only seemed to get heavier. I decided to bundle up on the couch in front of the fire and try to calm myself down. I must have fallen asleep at some point because I had woken up when I heard a creak come from the staircase. I looked around the room but the only thing I saw was darkness. The fire had gone out and the storm had knocked out the power. With a trembling hand, I reached over to where I knew the end table was and grabbed the candle stick that was there. I stood up from the couch, putting the staircase in front of me. All was quiet for a moment. I almost felt calm. Until the creature let out a huff behind me. His vile breath filling the air around me. The aroma was so foal, it was like a rotting animal. I had to think quickly if I was to escape. I threw the candle stick that I held across the room, hoping to distract the creature enough to get some distance between me and it. As soon as I heard it move to the sound, I bolted to the front door. Unfortunately, within seconds, the creature had realized what I had done and was only feet away. It lunged at me as I reached for the door, its claws digging into my calf. Losing my balance, I fell face first into the ground. The pain was so unbearable. I began to scream and cry for help. Hoping someone would be able to hear me. But it was unsuccessful, the storm outside was still coming down with such force that it drowned out all other sounds. ┬áThe last thing I remember was seeing its fiery red eyes peering down at me before I could no longer feel anything. Nothing at all.