Impact of Interior Design on the Functionality of Highly Sensitive People Essay


This survey will go around around Highly Sensitive People ( HSP ) and how interior design can impact on their functionality in their environment. HSP have a distinguishable personality. They have a really sensitive nervous systems which causes that they can come across as shy and easy rattled. Emotionally, they feel and procedure more deeply and intensely than the ordinary individual, particularly in an environment which is demanding. Their milieus play a major function on their temper and their reactions, as they feel easy overwhelmed. Without them recognizing it, they allow stimulation to overmaster their heads, and they don’t cognize how to close it out. (, 2015 )

The job that occurs with HSP, is that they feel that they do non suit in, in society. Few people are familiar with the construct, and have no thought how to manage these people, and hence merely label them, which merely makes the fortunes worse. 15 % – 20 % of the human population are HSP. From this per centum one can see that it is non a little figure, and hence infinites needs to be designed particularly for HSP, as they are extremely intelligent, originative and productive, when surrounded in a sufficient environment. Being extremely sensitive is non a character defect nor a upset, it is an inherit trait. (, 2015 )

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HSP can be improved, by having guidance, where they learn how to cover with stimulation. As HSP can non ever maintain up with the gait of the demanding society, it is good thought of that planing a work environment for them, making a infinite where they can work and populate out their endowments, surrounded by an about perfect like environment and people whom besides inherited HSP. Throughout this research papers, one will be able to see the more positive side every bit good as the more negative side of being an HSP. (, 2015 )

  1. Undertaking BACKGROUND AND MOTIVATION The Author was interested in the subject of burned-out people, as her female parent was despairing to keep her, every bit good as others lives together, she pushed herself to the bound at work every bit good as at place until she broke down under the huge force per unit area of her day-to-day modus operandi. She started researching the subject, and came across the book: “The Highly Sensitive Person” by writer, Elaine N. Aron. Ph.D. She was instantly intrigued by the subject. She talked to her sister, whom is an occupational healer, whom encouraged her to make farther research about the subject of Highly Sensitive People, and the effects that Interior Design have on these people, as they are really sensitive to their environment.
  1. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES It is indispensable that Highly Sensitive Peoples find a occupation which is non in a helter-skelter environment, and where they will hold the freedom and chance to work separately and non in groups, as they get overwhelmed easy, and where they can hold clip to review themselves when nerve-racking times do impact them. When they have to take in excessively much information at one clip, their energy degrees will be raddled before the terminal of the twenty-four hours is in sight, and this will consequence their work public presentation negatively. ( Schwanke, n.d. )

The purpose and aims for this proposal and research paper, is to make in deepness research refering extremely sensitive people, neuroscience ( why they have a sensitive nervous system ) and the effects of Interior design on extremely sensitive people, in order to plan a work infinite for Highly Sensitive People, where they can execute at their best.

  1. STUDY DEFINED The research paper will dwell of research gained from reading books, diaries, web logs and articles concentrating on Highly Sensitive Peoples, why extremely sensitive people have nervous differences between them and less sensitive people, the consequence which their environment have on their temper every bit good as their work public presentation and how a infinite can be created into a world to profit them emotionally and physically. Books will be read such as, The Highly Sensitive Person, by writer Elaine. N. Aron, Ph.D.
  2. RESEARCH STATEMENT Highly Sensitive Peoples: How interior design influence their work public presentation and emotional province, through concentrating on nervous and integrating stimulations and sensory.
  3. RESEARCH SCOPE, LIMITATIONS AND CONSTRAINTS On the chosen subject, Highly Sensitive People, there are a big figure of research done about this specific personality trait, which makes the topics’ range extended. Highly sensitive people has been test observed by and fact-finding survey and came across the first grounds of nervous differences between Highly Sensitive People and less sensitive people. Surveies have chiefly focused on the societal effects of these characters, but the new survey focal points on the different ways in how assorted people ‘s encephalons react to stimuli. In general there have non been a batch of research done on how the encephalon ‘s reactions may be different in extremely sensitive people, until this survey was discovered. The fact that there are non much information on this, might restrict the ends of research paper. ( Edwards, 2010 )
  4. DESIGN SCOPE, LIMITATIONS AND CONSTRAINTS As assorted research have been done on Highly Sensitive Peoples and how their environments should non over exciting as they will non be able to execute in their work, ( Schwanke, n.d. ) and how their encephalons ( neuroscience ) react to stimuli and centripetal, ( Schwanke, n.d. ) this creates a broad range of how the workplace should be designed. Equally shortly as thorough research had been done on how their encephalons respond to certain coloring material, sound and illuming in their environment, the writer will so besides be able to cognize what to utilize in the design in order to maintain these people in their comfort zone where they can boom and do a success of their lives without experiencing that they do non suit in, and that the force per unit area of life is acquiring to them.
  5. DEFINITION OF TERMSHighly Sensitive Peoples:Harmonizing to Elaine. N. Aron, Highly sensitive people are people who feel more deeply and are affected more by their environment because of their nervous system which is sensitive. (, 2015 )Nervous systems:It is the system of nervous in a human which includes the encephalon. ( Thinkmap, 2015 )Neuroscience:it is the survey of how the nervous system is developed and structured and what it does and why it does it. ( Thinkmap, 2015 )

Nervous:associating to a nervus or a nervous system (, 2015 )Stimulations:Something that suggests a specific purpose response in an organ. ( Thinkmap, 2015 )Sensory:Thingss that you can experience with your physical senses, concentrating on esthesis. (, 2015 )


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  • This is the proposed chapter lineation for the first research paper:Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Literature reappraisal
  • Chapter 2: Research theory
  • Chapter 3: Findingss supported by research
  • Chapter 4: Design development
  • Decision

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