In a President and CEO in Shiseido

addition, Shiseido launched the global management structure in 2016. It made
Shiseido becoming a winner in the world. There are six regional headquarters in
the world and each of the area is having a leader which is CEO or President to
lead the area of company. For example, Kentaro Fujiwara is a President in Shiseido
China, Jean-Phillippe Charrier is a President in Shiseido Asia Pacific, Shigekazu
Sugiyama is a President in Shiseido Japan, Philippe Lesné is a President in
Shiseido Travel Retail, Marc Rey is a President and CEO in Shiseido Americas
and Louis Desazars is a President and CEO in Shiseido Group EMEA. Lastly, Shiseido
Group CEO is Masahiko Uotani.

Advisory Committee and Remuneration Advisory Committee are hired by Shiseido to
help promoting transparency and objectivity in management. The advisory roles
for Nomination Advisory Committee is to help the company decide the employees’
promotion and demotion their position or create the term of retirement. This
can enhance Shiseido’s capabilities of top management. Then, Nomination
Advisory Committee will also nominate or give some ideas to hire audit and
members of board of director. In other hand, the role for Remuneration Advisory
Committee is to discuss how to distribute the annual bonuses to directors and corporate

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organizing is defined as the process of determining the tasks to be done, who
will do them, and how those tasks will be managed and coordinated. Therefore, different
employees will have responsibility to carry different tasks and jobs. For
instance, Shiseido’s Board of Director consists of seven members which are four
external directors, CEO and President. By the way, Yoko Ishikura, Shoichiro
Iwata, Kanoko Oishi and Tatsuo Uemura are the four external directors and Masahiko Uotani is a representative
of President and CEO. Although the Board of Director of Shiseido is
small but it can make a decision quickly. By adopting a company employee
system, Shiseido separate the guiding functions of Board of Director from the
business execution functions of corporate employees. The tasks for executive
committee that set up by the company is to discuss the implementation of
important businesses in several aspects before they make final decision. In
addition, executives also held decision-making meetings with CEO and President to
decide on the business performance of their respective business units and to
review the proposed opinions on the board of directors and the executive
committee. Furthermore, board of director and senior management executives will
be change in every year.  Moreover,
Shiseido will hire external directors to build careers outside the Shiseido and
they will also hire young people as a corporate officers to strengthen their
executive functions.