In are damaging our world in considerable

contemporary world, people are trying to create state of the art equipments,
hi-tech inventions entertaining gadgets and other diversity of productions to
ameliorate and embellish life conditions of humanity. However, they are not
realizing that they are damaging our world in considerable extent,
simultaneously. Most of manufactories, power stations and automobile expulsion
of deleterious gases into the air, destroying the ozone layer, bringing along
global warming and causing acid rain. There are no simple solutions to this
problem, but still, people could try to shrink air pollution by saving energy
and reducing poisonous exhausts from all kinds of cars, power stations and

The Earth`s
atmosphere is polluted naturally by sandstorms and the dust and gases which
were emitted from volcanoes. When a volcano eructates, dust is blasted high
above the troposphere and may take  only
a few weeks to be carried around the world. Actually, it is above the weather
zone, so it cannot be washed out of the air by rain. It will eventually fall to
Earth after a couples of year. Resting on the researches ruled by U.S.
Geological Survey (USGS), volcanoes of our planet, both undersea and on
land,  annually produces 200 million tons
of carbon dioxide (CO2).(Lyn Topinka) Despite, this statistics look pretty
measurable comparing with the fact that gas releases from volcanoes compounds
less than 1% of those generated by humanity.(Lyn Topinka)

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Om the
other front, smoking cigarettes adds to the general levels of air pollution as
well as damaging our health. Cigarette smoke contains chemicals that can cause
cancer, a gas which stops oxygen being taken into the blood and a substances
called nicotine which raises blood pressure and makes the heart beat faster.
No-smoking areas cut down on this pollution and save non-smokers breathing in
other people`s cigarette smoke.

People have
invented vehicles that also emit a lot of gases. This issue has become one of
the most discussing, due to the fact that mixture of gases like carbon dioxide
are considerably contributing to air pollution. Air pollution is at its worst
over big cities where people live, work, travel about in cars, buses and
trucks. If better public transport  and
cycle lanes were available in towns and cities, people would be less likely to
use their cars, reducing the overall amount of pollution.

Also, there
are a lot of factories which generates a huge amount of toxic waste. Toxic
pollution damages not only our ecology, but also it can lead to massive
infection of people and animal the consequences of which we can’t even predict.
In 1986, part of a nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in Ukraine exploded, releasing
dangerous radioactive pollution into the atmosphere. The radioactivity was
passed on from plants, which took it from the air, to animals eating plants.
People were also affected (such as young children) and health and farming
problems persist today.  

people can avoid such rude way of life by reducing the usage of fuels, gases
and petroleum and replace these kind of things by more profitable sources of
energy like solar-energy (power). As matter of fact solar-energy is
inexhaustible source of energy.