In greenhouse gas. This gas absorbs heat

In this
world, we need energy for moving anything. There are lot  of source for getting energy. According to
source of energy, we divided it between two types: renewable and non renewable.
We almost depend on non renewable energy in our life. Non renewable is an
energy source that are formed when dead plants and animal get decomposed. We
can call it fossil fuel. Continuous extraction of these resources will be
exhausted. This consequence will effect on our future generation. Again, fossil
fuel emits greenhouse gas which effects our environment.  So Scientist try to get eternal, renewable
energy that will not be exhausted. And using of this energy will reduce our
fossil fuel usage. Solar energy is such an renewable energy. And this energy
will be driving force for future generation.


What is
renewable energy?? Renewable energy means these energy which will not be
exhausted and this energy can get easily. Solar energy is such an energy. It is
an energy that we get it from the sunlight. We need solar cell for converting
solar energy to electrical energy. Sun has power of eternal energy, it is not
worry about exhausting. This electrical energy is used for moving any kind of
machine. In the village, where electricity isn’t available, the village people
can use solar cell for getting continuous flow of electricity. Solar panel is
used for storing energy for future. The cost of producing this energy is cheap
and maintenance cost is not expensive. One can use this energy for commercial
and industrial purposes.  Satellites are
powered using solar energy. So we say that, this energy is the driving force
for future generation.

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We know that
we get Carbon dioxide after burning fossil fuel. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse
gas. This gas absorbs heat and our world is being  made warmer and warmer. As a result, Iceberg
of two poles are molten, sea levels become high. Many regions turn into desert.
wastage products of nuclear power emits radioactivity, which pollute environment
and causes of many disease. Solar energy is environment friendly, it doesn’t
emit carbon dioxide, and no worry about its wastage material. Management of theses
sources is not harmful and no need large area for converting sunlight into


 Solar energy gains popularity across the
world. Saving the future generation from powerless, we should reduce usage of
fossil fuel and depend on solar energy. It’s make our world long lasting and
it’s an eternal energy. One day, solar source move the world and
increasing its efficiency.