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In source A it states that “The defence on private property is crucial to Conservatism.” For Conservatives, property is not just a physical collection of things, but a part of an individuals identity. A person will reflect who they are in the things that they choose to surround themselves with. Furthermore, a persons property indicates their status. Conservatives believe that some people are born to naturally do better than others. Source A says that “ownership will inevitably be unequal but natural depending on peoples talents and abilities.” They see inequality as a result of the hardest working most talented rising to the top. Because such importance and emphasis is put on the things we choose to and are able to buy, Conservatives believe that it is imperative that those upper class members of society should be able to build up wealth without interference. Those people who own property are also less likely to take away from others. Socialists believe that wealth should be shared in terms of who needs it, we all have to work together to have each individuals needs met by society as a whole. Source B explains that “Socialism believes in common ownership and views private ownership property as being unjust.” Wealth is produced by the whole of society and therefore should not be shared out unequally creating inequality and competition. The idea that the more money and property we can acquire for ourselves equates to our happiness in life keeps us blindly working and diverts our attention from real social problems. Wealth should be owned by everyone, nothing should be run for profit but instead for the well being of the community. Socialisms fundamental belief is equality in society, whereas Conservatives view inequality as necessary. They see the ownership of private property as vital while Socialists believe it to be another way of continuing and widening social disparities.