In of Everything have major two parts

In the world of Technology people want to get in touch with lots of devices to communicate with other devices, additionally communicate with each other and share data to others. These types of requirements we can avail by “IOE” (Internet of Everything’s) to communicate with devices to device for example, smart phones or gadgets, Laptops, Home appliances like (fridge, microwave, TV, AC and any other things) and also IOE plays very big role in health care industries to provide a better service to the patients. Through IOE, which we are capable to access those devices which are far from us and we are monitoring those devices or machine near to about their status, which concerned about their working progress so in this research paper we are defining about IOE and their applications.






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The word of IOE Internet of Everything have major two parts in which one is “Internet” and other one is “Things”. The Internet is defines as the global system of interconnected of computer networks that use the standard internet protocol (TCP/IP) to serve the billions of users through providing the connectivity of millions of companies ,academics , hospitals , banks ,businesses ,government networks locally and globally ,they are linked by different technologies .Today more than 100 countries are connected through Internet, from the Universal resources the 32.7% of World population are using Internet. And the other word “Everything” is defined as anything which can be distinguished to other is said to be a Thing , in it not only electronics things but also new products, person, food, clothes, furniture, material parts, equipment, home appliances like( Tv, refrigerator, washing machines, lights, fans, industry apparatus, etc.)


The Internet of Everything have lot of definitions, It’s defined as “It’s an open and close network having smart devices those share their data, information and resources wirelessly, and capable of sensing and reacting as per the requirement.”           


In world different people call Internet of Things (IOT) with different names as technology moving forward. The aliases of Internet of Things (IOT) are Web of Things (WOT), Internet of Objects (IOB), Embedded Intelligence (EI), Connected Devices and Technology Omnipotent, Internet of Everything (IOE), there also some aliases which are ‘Cyber physical World’ in which bringing real and virtual world together, etc.


In terms of implementation of IOE, we need to consider some components for seamless Internet of Things (IOT) computing.

1.     HARDWARE: It consist of sensor, actuator, IP address cameras, CCTV and embedded communication hardware.

2.     MIDDLEWARE: It consist of storage of data and computing tools for data analytics with cloud and big data analytics.

3.     PRESENTATION: It consist of visuals and interpret tools that can be design for different application.



In the world of IOT one of the main problem with IOE that it has such vast concept that there is no proposed uniform architecture. The idea of IOT work, it consist of categorization of sensors, networks, communication and computing technologies, so there are some IOT models are given from different practitioners, authors and researchers.


According to the International telecommunication Union the IOE architecture consist of:

1.     The sensing layer.

2.     The Access layer.

3.     The Network layer.

4.     The middleware layer.

5.     The application layer.


According to the IOT forum, the IOT architecture consist of three layers.

1.     Applications.

2.     Processors.

3.     Transportation.

·        Kun Han, Shurong Liu, Dacheng Zhang and Ying Han’s (2012)’s Architecture:

From the researches for the development of SSME under the background of IOT the architecture is.










The history of IOE is started from (2006-2008) the First European IOT conference is held then, In (2008-2009) The Internet of Things was finally born according to the Cisco Internet Business Solution Group (IBSG) because it was simply the time when the ‘Things and Object’ more connected to the internet than people. The increase in growth of smart phones, tablets, Pcs, etc. In 2010 these 12.5 billion devices are connected with the internet, while the human’s population increased to 6.8 billion making the no of devices per person more than 1 (exact 1.84). In 2008 U.S National Intelligence Council stated that ‘The Internet Of Things as one of “Disruptive Civil Technology” with potential impacts on US interests out of 2025’. In 2010 Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao calls the ‘IOT a key industry for china and has plans to make major investments in it’.








Now a days where IOE revolutionize the world in most aspects of life, when we are talking about its application so there’s lot to deal with, so there are some application which are well known.

·        Smart homes

·        Wearables

·        Connected cars

·        Industrial Internet

·        Smart cities

·        IOT in agriculture

·        Smart retail

·        Energy engagement

·        IOT in health care

·        IOT in poultry and farming.


Well that is so popular at ‘google’ when it associated with IOT, so talking about smart homes, so how do you feel? When you are able to switch ON your AC before reaching at home or, switch off your lights even after you have left home or, unlock the doors temporary for friends’ access even you are not at home. So don’t be surprised because IOT making products to make your life easy and convenient. In upcoming time smart homes will common as smart phones.


Wearables now a days have explosive impact because companies like (Google, Samsung, Cisco) invested heavily to make such a device which can installed by sensors and software to collect the data or information of user to pre-processed then these devices covered the vast scenario of user’s fitness, health and entertainment requirements, so those devices should be highly power efficient and small seized.


The Auto mobile industry focusing about optimize the internal function of vehicles, but now attention is moving towards enhancing the cars  experience, the ‘connected cars’ is a vehicle which are able to optimize the car owns operations like it’s maintenance as well as user comfort which sense by sensors and connectivity with internet, the large auto mobile industries like (BMW, TESLA) and some brave startup companies like (Google, Apple) are working on it to make revolution in auto mobile industry.


Industrial Internet is the new scenario in the industrial sector that also termed as ‘IIOT’ (Industrial Internet of Things), through that way us empowering the engineering with sensors, software and big data analytics create the machine more accurate. According to the Jeff Imelda CEO, GE Electric ‘IIOT is a beautiful, desirable and investable asset’. The main idea behind IIOT is that machines are more accurate in exchanging data and that help an organization or company about inefficiencies and problems sooner. IIOT hold great potential in terms of productivity and sustainability, application of tracking goods, real time information exchange information about their inventory that helps in Industrial productivity and, According to the GE ‘The improvement in Industrial productivity will generate $10 trillion to $15 trillion in GDP worldwide over next 15 years.


Smart Cities are also the shape of IOT that will produce great impact in upcoming time, also generate curiosity among the world’s population. Smart surveillance, automated transportation, energy management system, water distribution, urban areas security and environmental monitoring. IOT will also solve those issues which in our life, problems like traffic jam, storage of energy supplies etc. By installing sensors and software.












In conclusion the technology IOE is impacting our real life and make it more fascinating and convenient for people, where billion of devices are connected with each other through internet and sharing their information and resources with less human intervention, and less human intervention make things more accurate, and it’s applications is more helpful for people in terms of their fitness, health and also due to IOE, we are able to help people in emergency situation which we also saw in our cities