In was found in the study that

In the midst of one’s
busy life, reading books and watching movies have been an entertaining and
relaxing thing to do. As time passed by, books turned into movies. If people
were asked which one they prefer, there would be many different answers.
Although, both books and movies are wonderful ways of entertainment, when it
comes to picking the best, books will always win.

            Books tend to be longer because they convey a lot of details.
The details in the books help readers use their imagination so that they can
picture what is happening in the book in their heads. “You can imagine the
scenes, people and places, just the way you want” (AU). No matter how long the
book is, if it appeals to the reader’s interest, then they will keep reading. However,
since books take more time to read, people turn to the movies instead. Yet,
movies cannot provide the same experience as books do. Movies have a limit that
they cannot pass. Movies require less imagination because it has visual
presentation and sound effects already there to show you. Therefore, the
experience you get with books is not the same as the one you would get with

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            According to a study done in Yale University, by Avni
Bavishi, reading books can lead to a longer life. The study said that those who
read books It was found in the study that reading helped individuals keep their
brains sharp. According to the study, there are two cognitive processes which
make this happen. “One is immersive “deep reading” in which readers draw
connections both within the material they’re reading and to the outside world.
The second is books’ promotion of “empathy, social perception, and emotional intelligence,”
all of which can create a survival advantage” (“Read all about it: Developing a
book habit linked to longer life-Modern Healthcare”).

only can books lead to a longer life, but they are linked to success. “If you’re
going to excel in business, and in life, you can’t learn everything you need to
know to set and achieve your goals from the TV, Internet, and social media
updates. None of these can stimulate your mind and fuel the imagination the way
books do” (Earl G. Graves, S). By stimulating the brain, it causes one’s brain
to pay attention to the writing style of the book. This can improve one’s vocabulary
and create stronger skills in writing and analyzing. As one reads, they are
exposed to different kinds of writing styles and vocabulary which influences their
own writing style (Earl G. Graves, S).

the end, it all comes down to one’s preference. Books and movies have their own
advantages. However, when it comes to choosing one over the other books may
have the better advantages. From strengthening your imagination to increasing
the length of your life, books are the better way of entertainment than movies.
 It is a never-ending debate of which one
is better.