Introduction:…. 2.1 Customers Their customers are basically


2.1 Customers

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Their customers are basically anyone who wants to buy paint. Could be individuals who want to paint their homes for New Year’s, companies that need paint for their own service or products they produce for example Architect companies. Most of their customers pay in credit by filing an invoice and they will produce the paint and if the client wants they will deliver or the client can come and pick the paint themselves. However, they do provide service for those who want to pay in cash. The company has held surveys in the past in order to measure the customer satisfaction and to know what the customer’s needs and requests are. They also send their customers emails to let them know about their offers and special promotions.


Target group & end users  

·        Wholesalers

·        Homeowners

·        Painting Companies (Domestic/Industrial)

·        Contractors

·        Architects


2.2 Customer Needs:

Good quality paint for reasonable price:

By applying the strategy of importing the base paint, AVF will lower their production cost, which can lead to lower prices. One of the reasons why they should lower their prices is so everyone in the community could be able to afford high quality paint for a lower price. Additionally, lowering their prices will benefit AVF in the long run, thus will lead to the possibility to a better competitive advantage in the paint price market, leading to higher sales.

Modernization of the website:

The website is user-friendly, mobile friendly, easily accessible and the content on the website provides valuable information for the customers, however if we as student put ourselves in the shoes of the customers, we would like to have the option of ordering online using the website. For example,, Dushi Food,, but for paints making it even easier for the customer to access their desired paint without having to leave the comfort of their home.



The front office employees need to develop their sales skills especially in their degree of friendliness towards the customers. Usually, when selling the products to the customers the sales representative treats the customers on a basic business level, meaning they do not try to pursue or to convince the customers to purchase more items than what they came for. They do not try to build a relationship with the customers that will lead to more frequent interaction with AVF.

2.3 Customer Relationship approach:

The customers of AVF mostly consist of other businesses that buys their paint to provide their own services, however they do occasionally sell to normal consumers such as homeowners. An example of a personal relationship AVF has, is their relationship with wholesalers. AVF has B2B personal relationship with their wholesalers because the wholesalers continually are in contact with the company to buy bulks of their products that they will later sell in their own establishments. For example, Kooyman, Building Depot etc. Other than that, the only other relationship the organization has with their customers are temporary. Because homeowners usually are not frequently in contact with AVF because there are certain times in the year where they paint the most, which is the period just before New Year’s.


To be honest, the company does not know what the customers desire however we feel like the company would benefit from developing a better relationship with their customers because their relationship is weak. Based on the fact that there are not many contact points with the customers. To illustrate, the company in the past has had complaints from customers that had impacted the company immensely to result in the company losing a customer market.


2.4 Resources required for building customer relationships

The resources required for building customer relationships are all the tools you can use to help you find out more about your customer that will in turn help you find out what you need to do to get to know them better to develop stronger relationships. Basically, any tools that help you find what the needs are of the customer, what is their opinion about the company and eventually how to retain the valuable and non-valuable customers. For example, Questionnaires,


One of these resources could be to hire employees that already possess the competencies required to give the best service to the customers or to train the current employees to develop their skills to give the best service to the customers. Another way of developing new relationships with your customers could be by investing in marketing to attract new customers.


2.6 AVF’s Study of Customer Satisfaction

The methods used to study and measure customer satisfaction was a self-administered questionnaire where people in the streets were asked to fill in. By doing this questionnaire the company received a better view of their potential customers and how their customers evaluate their service and product. We believe questionnaire & surveys are the best resources for AVF’s study on customer satisfaction, because these resources state the most important aspects of the organization on which the customer can give their honest opinion. Additionally, it takes less time to prepare and less time to actually do the questionnaire. The knowledge retrieved from this study could then be used to help the company improve their service & operations.


2.7 Customer Retention:
The non-valuable customer are the homeowners, because they are the customers with the least interactions, of course the more valuable customers are the one that buy more frequently and on a bigger scale of quantity are more important to the company to retain. For example, Kooyman, Building depot and other Distributors, Painting Companies (Domestic/Industrial) Contractors & architect companies. With homeowners they will try to