It first, design of experiments was done

It is
important to note that the number of experiment is the sum of these three types
of points.

It is clear
that by increasing the input parameters, the number of experiments especially
two-level factorial points will increase rapidly. So, the operative parameters
could be screened by using FFD. Accordingly, only the effective parameters will
be selected and the number of experiments would decrease.

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 In this study, first, design of experiments
was done by FFD. After data analysis and assessing the analysis of variance
(ANOVA) table, the significant operative parameters were screened and only the
significant factors selected for further investigation.

FFD is not able
to introduce enough curvature. Therefore, applying this method for data
modeling and optimization is not acceptable.

In this
methodology, data processing will perform in terms of coded values. During
arranging the experiments, a parameter named alpha determines the location of
axial points in design layout. There are several software for design of
experiment. In this study, we used Design Expert software to prepare the
experimental design layout and data analysis.

The methodologies that are developed for design of experiment
consist of following steps:

Designing the experimental layout

Developing a model

Finding the optimized condition

It is worthwhile noting that data processing in this methodology is
taken place in coded forms. Operating parameters were coded as follows:


Where Xi is the parameter xi in coded form
and xi,high and xi,low are the values of parameters at
high and low levels, respectively.

For modeling and optimizing the properties of polymeric implant a 27-2
FFD with two replicates at the center point for curvature analysis was