It Reading a book definitely needs lot

is difficult to avoid the fact that for number of years people have been busy doing
comparisonbetween film and literature. And this comparison started when the
first book was converted to a movie. Everything in the book cannot be produced
in the movie for various reasons. Firstly, it could be because of the minute
details in the book that seem so interesting while reading would look lengthy
and boring while watching. And also, the never-ending suspense in the book that
keeps the readers on toes would make the audience to leave the cinema before
the end of the movie. For practical reasons movies are not made the just the
way its written.

research would contribute in answering few questions that has been the main
argument when it comes to “film versus literature” topic.  Some of the questions are as follows

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1)      What’s the difference between
reading a book and watching it as a movie?

2)      Are the forms of literature lost in
the film?

3)      In what way is reading a book is
better than watching? What is the relationship between themes and reasons a
filmmaker chooses to make a movie from a particular book?


Literature, Culture, Padmavati and Society.






it comes to reading a novel or watching a film, people tend to choose the
quickest and the easiest one which is watching a film. Why is this happening?
Is it because watching film is more effective than reading. Is it because of
the amount of entertainment film provides to the audience?Or is it simply
because there isn’t enough time to invest in reading?Let’s look at the actual cause of this shift
from the habit of reading to that of watching films. Let’s start with the
difference between reading a book and watching it as a film which is the first
question of this research.



Reading a book definitely
needs lot of time. Time in the sense not just the free time but also time with
nothing else on one’s mind but just reading. Along with enough time, it’s also
important to have proper place and mood. Otherwise reading becomes nothing more
than mere utterance of words.

should be such a way that it connects the reader to the text in every way. If
there’s no connection then the reader wouldn’t be doing justice to the art of
reading. Yes, reading is an art. It not only helps the reader to know the world
of all kinds but also helps him or her to become a better person with broad



the other hand, watching a film is easier than reading a book. It is looked at
more as an entertainment aspect rather than a source of knowledge. For a lot of
us watching a film has become a stress buster or some sort of activity that
helps us to escape the daily life that’s filled with tedious and chaotic
responsibilities of different forms and sizes. And not to forget the fact that
its just few hours of your day or sometimes even less than an hour. That’s all
that one has to contribute from his side.

commitment when one decides to read a book. His commitment has to be carried
till the completion of the task of reading the entire book. And this has become
next to impossible for a lot of people especially the ones that have different
jobs with different demands. As far as lot of us are concerned, reading gives
you a better quality of understanding of human experiences in all spheres of
life. And by reading one’s ability to view things around him changes
completely. But that magic doesn’t really work when one is obsessed with
watching a film.


Reading versus watching


let’s move on the next question of this research which is,Are the forms of literature lost in
the film? To
answer this question, I’ve drawn my personal experience too apart from the
general view of others in the research. There’s something special about
literature no matter what form it is in. Reading different forms of literature i.e.,
a novel, poem, prose, play, and so on is beyond explanation. The experience one
gains by reading is much more than that of watching a film.

somewhat squeeze out the actual feel of the book. It’s not that watching movie
isn’t interesting. But the point is that it is not as genuine as the book
itself though there is not much difference in the genre or in the
characterization. As far as movie is concerned, there’s always some kind of
extra colours added to the actual story. Of course, the story is drawn from the
book but when it is projected on screen there are lot of unconvincing ideas and
thoughts which is nowhere seen in the book. Though some movies are commendable,
most of them end up producing their own genre and their own structure to the
story extracted from the book.





come to the last question of this research i.e., In what way is reading better
than watching? What is the relationship between theme and the reason a
filmmaker chooses to make a movie from a particular book? The best example to
answer this question is the yet to be released movie Padmavati. The
controversies about this movie took the entire team of this movie on a ride.
The reason behind this is the movie Padmavati is based on a woman named
Padmavati who is an important character in the history of Rajasthan.According
to the Rajputsof Rajasthan there’s great insult to their culture in this movie.
Padmavati is considered as deity just as Meera Bai. For them she is a symbol of
bravery and virtue of religious devotion.

the historical information of this character Padmavati provides very less
evidence, apparently people show no interest in stepping back from fighting for
Padmavati and guarding her place in the history of Rajasthan without any
distortion to her character and culture. Rajputs believed that Padmavati was
the first women to immolate herself to protect herself from the hands of
Alauddin Khilji. Since she was considered a woman of righteousness, the Ghoomer
dance in the movie was protested by the public because the Rajput culture
doesn’t normally allow this.

the point here is that when any text in literature is converted into a movie,
it loses the quality of being genuine either unintentionally or for the purpose
of innovation and creativity which could sometimes lead to chaos among the
people like in the case of Padmavati.



 Whether it is reading a book or watching a
movie, once it is given different form in the name of creativity, it loses its
true essence in many ways. Since literature is expression of various kind of
human experiences in different forms and in different spheres of life,the only
way to peep through the window of those kind of experiences is reading.Movie
could also be interesting if one wants to view the book in a different angle as
long as the actual content of the text isn’t totally lost.