It’s Never Too Late Essay

I’ve ever been the pupil who made nice classs and yet ne’er participated in any extracurricular activities. I danced for a twosome of old ages when I was younger. but as I grew older. I became diffident. When I got to high school. I became distrait and my classs get downing worsening. I knew I had to get down fall ining nines or be active to hold a good sketch. I needed a world cheque to halt shirking and get serious before it was excessively late. Finally my junior twelvemonth came and I had a new attitude.

Get downing the last hebdomad of summer before come ining my junior twelvemonth was volleyball season. At first I was hesitating about playing and I was rather nervous since I’ve ne’er played before. Some of my equals encouraged me to seek it and it was the greatest determination I have made in high school. Even though I started playing a athletics near the terminal of my high school calling. I don’t repent the path I took.

Becoming a pupil jock was tough on my agenda but I got acclimated fast. Fortunately. my manager was besides my math teacher so he was inexorable about me being a successful pupil and jock. Since I ne’er played a athletics I ne’er felt every bit tired as when I am finish with drills after pattern but I kept my classs high. While playing volleyball. I have learned to pull off my clip sagely. I knew if I had pattern until six in the afternoon and there was prep to make afterwards. so there was no clip to save. I now greatly value clip direction and it has helped me better in many aspects of my life.

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My result of playing volleyball was my greatest accomplishment in high school. I learned how to schedule my yearss sagely. be an effectual squad participant and overall better pupil. It’s true when they say “your junior twelvemonth in high school is your difficult year” . but I can state with pride and joy that I overcame that theory. I made the best classs in my first semester in contrast to my academic public presentation in my fresher and sophomore old ages. It is now my senior twelvemonth. I’m playing volleyball once more. and hopefully I will be offered many scholarships from different colleges to play this athletics.