Its Processing Risk Management Construction Essay

In this chapter, the writer will compare the theories of literature reappraisal and findings from questionnaire study and interviews, and so a treatment of them will be presented.

6.2 Discussion

In questionnaire study, 82 % of the participants have been working in this industry no more than ten old ages. When treating hazard direction, people with more experience are be givening to give more helpful suggestions. To the writer ‘s sentiment, the participants with less experience are besides familiar with the current state of affairs of hazard direction in China.

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From findings of questionnaires, it is clear that all the cardinal hazards, except logistics, are allocated in tolerable part. In other words, these hazards can be managed by utilizing appropriate hazard direction method. Logisticss is allocated in negligible part which means this hazard may non go on perchance or if it happens it will non hold a major impact on the undertaking. By and large, the hazards facing by building industry are consequently the same in China and some developed states. The result of the hazard designation and the hazard analysis workshop is the classs of hazards. To the writer ‘s sentiment, in the building undertaking, the hazards can be by and large addressed in four classs:

Construction hazards

When the grapevine has been constructed, there will be some unexpected alterations, which could detain the bringing of the undertaking. The undertaking possibly completed on clip but it cost over. The needed public presentation is lacking, which can non accomplish the coveted public presentation.

Operating hazards

The grapevine is on watercourse in the operation stage. The hazard focuses on the provider and buyers, because the monetary values addition for the gas and the unequal demanding for the gas. Another hazard comes from the cost of operating and keeping the grapevine, and if the grapevine is broken during operation it would be an utmost loss. The last 1 is the grapevine is unable to work at the coveted efficiency.

Political hazard

This hazard is outstanding in the grapevine undertakings. It crosses several states, Turkey was included. One chief hazard is the grants and licenses of grapevine crosses of the different authoritiess. Another one is the duties on the gas which will impact the concluding cost of the merchandise. The new jurisprudence may be enacted by one of the involved states, which may alter the legal frame and cause hazards.

Fiscal hazard

The most of import fiscal hazards are the foreign exchange hazard, because, in general, the cost and grosss of international undertakings are computed in different currencies, which involve the foreign exchange. The undertaking may be subjected to the rising prices hazard, which will do the unexpected monetary value of the merchandises. The involvement rate hazard is another major hazard, the mutable involvement rate costs a batch of waste of money of the undertaking.

It can be concluded that hazard direction methods have been applied in the Chinese building industry. However, systematic hazard direction procedure has non been found yet comparing to the hazard direction system in developed states. The best pattern of hazard direction procedure consists of several stairss, including: hazard designation, hazard appraisal, hazard reduction or hazard response and exigency readiness.

None of the interview participants considered safety as one of the most of import hazards in building industry. Health and safety issue, which is frequently ignored in the Chinese building industry to but paid more attending to in developed state, makes the industry more activity.

To the writer ‘s sentiment, building is one of the most risky industries due to its alone nature. Measured by international criterions, building site safety records in China are hapless. The findings reveal that the behaviour of contractors on safety direction is of grave concern, including the deficiency of proviso of personal protection equipment, regular safety meetings, and safety preparation. The chief factors impacting safety public presentation include hapless safety consciousness of top direction, deficiency of preparation, hapless safety consciousness of undertaking directors, reluctance to input resources to safety and foolhardy operations.

By analysing the interviews and questionnaires, it is found out that the building industry has already paid attending to put on the line direction. Most of the participants affecting in the study pointed out that they have applied hazard direction procedure in most of their undertakings. However, systematic hazard direction has non been applied in the whole industry. They believed that hazard direction played an of import function in building direction every bit good as in bettering the effectivity of finishing the undertaking.

Government policy alteration is considered as an of import hazard in the Chinese building industry as mentioned by some interview participants. There is a large building demand in China now. At this point, edge-cutting engineering, updating direction methods and publishing new policies would do a great influence on the building industry and the authorities should revise the policies to do them suit for the industry ‘s current state of affairs. However, in developed state, the system of building industry is more stable and the related policies are more accomplished and effectual.

An obvious phenomenon should be mentioned that, in China, environmental hazards are likely to be ignored since the clients and the contractors pay more attending on doing net incomes so that the builders are non likely to concentrate on the pollution caused by building undertakings. In developed state, environmental issues would be the most of import consideration in the building undertakings. Environmental hazards in the building industry should be reduced in order to take the industry progressing in a fitter manner by utilizing green stuffs and new techniques. The construct of sustainable building besides influenced the building industry. It shows that the hazard direction methods on environmental jobs are more advanced in developed state than in China.

In recent old ages, the building industry is more and more concentrating on the preventing from the bad influence of building hazards and many effectual hazard direction methods have been implied. Besides, the authorities has besides paid much attending to the possible environmental jobs. For illustration, Chinese authorities late makes a new assessment criterion on commanding the building trash in order to protect the environment

China as a comfortable developing state has a immense figure of building work demand to be done during this clip. At this point, edge-cutting engineering, updating direction methods and new policies would do a great influence on the building industry. Gratuitous to state, the authorities should update the policies to do it suit for the industry and run into the current state of affairss. However, in developed states, building industry has a more stable system, every bit good as more accomplished and efficaciously policies, which considered about every facet in building industry.

In a word, since the development of hazard direction in a fruitful minute of revolution, more and more new attacks to direction are pulling increasing attending in the Chinese building industry.

6.3 Decision

In this chapter, based on comparing the literature reappraisal theories, questionnaire study and interviews, a treatment has been presented. Recommendations to put on the line direction in the Chinese building industry will be given in the following chapter by comparing to the best pattern.